Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally getting my shit together! - Week 4

Hubby is now at work and we are in week 2 of the school holidays.

I feel like I will never find my routine and "Me time".  This week has been a whole lot better.  I have cut my work hours down to just 3 days last week and 4 this week.  Makes a huge difference to my energy levels and being able to eat clean.

It's a struggle to not get hungry between 11-3pm but I have tried to stay strong and just have a protein bar or Body wise bar and keep up the water.   Then get home eat my lunch etc and carry on for the rest of the day.  I can live with that.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am hopeful that I am either back down to 76kgs or under.  I am quietly hopeful that I will final be in the 75's.    After nearly 3months I still haven't broken through that but I haven't gone up hugely either.

My work commitements have stopped me from catching up with the Vic Eastern suburbs crew.  Its like everytime something is organised be it a Sunday or a Saturday its always the same day I have been rostered on to work.  I love being at work when I am there but its eating into my social life.

Ange from Scrapware has come on board and trained with Matt my PT from Elevate your life.  She has done freaking amazing stuff with just using the MB training and cookbooks.  Ange is just part of the crew now, even heading to Sydney for the finale.  Which I am still considering going but it might be out of my price range. I would have to buy new clothes and accomodation etc something that I have never just done for myself since being married.  I feel kind of guilty! I don't really know anyone ~Plus work of course coming into Christmas etc. busy times.

I have a new favourite breakfast is smoked salmon with a poached egg. Well when I get the egg to not mess up.  I like it to look like I am have just ordered it in from a cafe.

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