Monday, May 31, 2010

1st June and the offical start.

Today is your day.

You're off to great places!

You're off and away!

You have brains in your head

You have feet on your shoes.

You can steer yourself

Any direction you choose!

(Dr Suess)

Sundays Super Challenge was amazing.  It was just what I needed to wake up my body and realise how far I can push it but at the same time making me realise how bloody unfit I am.

I am currently full of energy and hope that I can keep this feeling up.  It hasn't been easy.  Giving up my glass of wine before dinner or a handful here and there of my favourite goodies hiding in the pantry can be a challenge.  However, being the first week I feel in control.  I hope that every other week will be like this.

I have started to set some goals to aim for although I haven't put pen to paper or even blogged about them as yet.   So that is my next step.

I chatted with Stewart and Amanda from last years Biggest Loser after the challenge and I mean boy has that girl got some fitness.   Amanda had a baby abit over 10 weeks ago and has a wrecked shoulder.      I have to admit that I was one of the biggest girls in the group.

Yes one of the biggest there was maybe 3 or 4 girls bigger than me and one that came in after the challenge.  But that's OK because its not just a weight loss challenge.  The skinny chicks are doing it for improving their fitness or whatever their goal is.

Anyway back to Amanda and Stewart they are both lovely lovely people very straight forward talkers and very inspirational.  I learnt a lot in that short period.   Chatted and with lots of people from the group and even made some gym buddies while I was there.  It was a really really great day.

I have been reading Adro's book for sometime now.   In his book he talks about keeping your calories down to 900 per day.  I didn't think I could do it but I am nearly close at the end of each day and I am eating heaps of veggies and protein.

The dietitian is saying 1300 Cals per day.  I will see how I go this week or for the next few weeks at 1000 per day.

Well I weighed in today at 87.8kgs so I am down nearly 2kgs since last Thursday and down from 94kgs from only a few weeks ago.  I can notice it in my clothes (actually my jeans are driving me nuts as they are too loose).  Nothing that a hot wash and the drier might be able to help with. 

Yesterday B was home from school (school day off)  so it meant I was missing another training session at the gym.  So we went up to the country to the hedge maze.  So for 3 hours roughly I did loads of incidental exercise.  It was such a lovely day for it and I felt better for walking than staying home doing nothing.

Today is the official start to the challenge.  Headed to gym and warmed up on the treadmill and started a few jogs and then rest, jog then rest.   Thought while I was feeling good that I would go for a sprint in the main part of the gym on the basketball courts.  So glad I did.

So today was cardio and weight training day.    I worked out a little harder and longer as I wanted (needed) a skinny latte and some spicy sushi for lunch today.  (no I am not rewarding myself with food).  It was just what I wanted lol.

Tomorrow is just cardio and I am looking forward to seeing less of me on the scales in the morning. 

Baby steps each day. Now with a triple jump at the end.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

29th May - Saturday

Went to gym nice and early.  Love it when you don't have to wait for equipment.

Had my I.pod ready with some groovey music.  Still need to work out how I can make a file on my for gym music.  I had one on my actual I.pod.  I am finding it tricky going back and forth finding funky workout music. 

It was my day to train at intervals. 30 seconds flat out and then 60 seconds rest.
I didn't want to push to hard today due to the super challenge tomorrow.

So I did 20mins on the treadmill as a warm up, then my favourite machine which is like a cross trainer but more advanced not sure of the name of it. Then I tackled the bike. I put on my focus video on my which is Robbie Williams Bodies. Perfect song for getting motivated and doing the 30/60. I went 10 mins on the bike.

Went back on the treadmill - Lots of skinny chicks running flat out on both sides of me so I thought I wouldn't create an earthquake and walked fast at around 5.6kms for 20mins and just changed the incline every few mins up or down.

Felt really good but I know that I didn't really push myself.

Had lunch with a girlfriend. Had the most amazing grilled chicken salad then she tried to sabotage my efforts by buying a huge piece of Lemon meringue pie. It was huge and just to shut her up and took the smallest little scoop and it was sugar overload. Once upon a time I would have just eaten it for eating sake. Even if I wasn't enjoying it.

Small steps but good.

So today.

40grms All brand with almonds & 1/4 cup of skinny milk 180 cals
White tea with 2 tble spoons of skinny milk 20 cals.
200 Cals

John West - Tomato/basil Tuna snack pac 145 cals
White tea with skinny milk 20 cals.
165 cals

Chicken/Salad dressed in balsamic 350 cals
2 large skinny lattes 160 Cals
1 teaspoon of lemon pie. ?
510 cals

2 glasses Coke Zero
2 Woolworth Organic beef burgers 200cals (100 each)
Lettuce/Tomato/Tomato sauce and a few onions that had probably been in a little Olive oil. 40cals
1 slice of Kraft "free" cheeseslice. 30cals
1 slice of Dons pansize bacon (panfried with a light spray of olive oil) 70cals.

Coles Organic Popcorn 40grm 180cals

1395cals - I will probably have a couple more white teas before bed. Probably around 1420cals.

I am over my 1300 cals but I haven't officially started right!

Yes I had no bun with my burgers. I just wrapped it in the lettuce. I have always never really enjoyed burgers because of all the bread. I really enjoyed it without the bready bun. Plus after eating dinner I read my calorie counter book and one of the Tip Top hamburger buns has something like 250 cals per bun. Far out!

I also truthfully could have eaten one burger and had kind of wished that I had worked out my calories before cooking dinner.

I haven't worked out my calories less exercise because honestly I haven't stopped long enough to re-read Adro Sarnelli's "The new me" book (worth a read) it has how to work out calories in and out.

Hope to read it tonight and then post it tomorrow.

Well must go family calls.

Little steps each day will reap larger returns in the future on my weight loss journey.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh they started early

It looks like they are giving us a bit of an early start rather than the 1st of June.

June 1st will still be the official start day but our first challenge is this Sunday 30th May and I had my weigh in and body mapping done yesterday.

Body mapping is like working out your true bodyAge like they have on biggest Loser.  While my Personal trainer tells me its not 100% its pretty good way to start things.  I don't think he was keen for me to do the whole Body Age thing as I have such issues with my body image in my head anyway.  I think he was concerned it might have been a bad way to start.

For me I wanted to know how unfit I was and I am Ok with it.  It was also nice to know that the scales at the gym are pretty much the same as mine at home if anything I weighed less on the gym ones.

Starting Stats
Weight 89.2        (my goal weight is to be back around 56-57kgs)  my weighloss challenge goal weigh is to be under 80Kgs. 

Although I am nearly 41 years old my actually body rating came in at 51 years old.
My Body fat % is 43.2.  I need to reduce this down to 20-25% to improve my body age by 8 years.
Increasing my cardo from 23mls to 30mls will improve my age by another 2 years.
and a few other smaller adjustments to add a year or two.

Its scary that I have lost 10 years due to being overweight. 10 years - Yes 10 years is a huge amount of time to kiss off your life. Very selfish and soon to change.

We started off with my new programme & the plan is to be at the gym every single day. I can do it and I am not going to beat myself up if I cant make it due to family commitments. But nothing else will be an excuse for 12 weeks.

Diet wise might be a bit harder as I will be cooking 3 different meals at dinner times because my family all like so many different things.  Planning is going to be the key - I have no excuse.

I don't want to be like the first person voted off Biggest Loser when 12 weeks later they haven't lost much weight. I want to be at least noticeable weight loss or deep down - I want to be the biggest weight loss in the group.

Talking about the group I haven't met anyone yet but my trainer has told me that there are a few who are using it as a weight loss.

I am in the right place now - No one is going to sabotage my effort this time and I am putting myself first. I tired of missing out & not having a social life because I would rather be up the back of the crowd than being in it as I am so ashamed of the 35kgs I have put on.

Sunday is going to be an exciting time. They have for some reason started out first exercise challenge and it appears that two of the Biggest Loser contestant will be there for a talk afterwards. Yippy!

I am strong, I am determined and I am focused.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Count down to the 12 week challenge.

I have joined a 12 week challenge at my local gym.  It's only open to 30 people and its a personal challenge so its not just about weight loss.  People who are super fit may join the group because they want to be more motivated.

Of course I am joining because I want to loose weight and get into a routine of exercising.

I probably won't post any pictures here so all the creepy peeps don't bother coming back.  Maybe I will at a later stage who knows.  I just feel a little weird posting anything in real life as once its out on the WWW its very hard to delete it.

So the journey begins.  Well I thought it was to start on the 1st of June 2010 but I received information today that the first exercise challenge is going to be this Sunday which makes it a May date.

Lots of things are included - Personal training, weight loss info and loads more which i will go into as each day progresses.

I am going in for my "Biggest loser" type assessment  on Thursday.  They are going to do body mapping and work out my true body age.  Haha oh that gives me a bellyache and heart pains just thinking about Thursday.

So that is were I am at the moment - Armed with loads of motivational weightloss and fitness books for reading.