Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenge final weigh in and stats

Today was my last weigh in and measurements.

Now while I am happy to be 10 kilos lighter now that I am here I kind of wish that I had lost more. In my brain I keep thinking I had 13 weeks why didnt I lose more weight? Rather than being happy with the hard work that I have achieved.  Why do I think like that?

Anyway I am 10 cm lighter on my waist, bust and hips which is awesome and I can so notice the difference in my shape and fitness. 

There is no stopping now. No slacking off the exercise and eating well.  I doubt I could fall back into old eating habits now anyway.  Sure it could easily happen over a few weeks if I dont keep myself in check and keep up my daily food diary.  There are lots of foods now that I can't even stand the taste of now.  In such a short time my taste buds have changed.  I have also found that if I eat something like pasta, cheese or even white bread I have massive stomach cramps afterwards.  It's a good enough incentive for me not to eat those foods anymore.

So right at this moment I am very very exhausted.  I had been doing back to back work out and classes for the past 6 days hoping that I could finally break into the 79kg zone or less for todays weigh in.  Sadly the scales at the gym showed up at 80kgs.  My home scales 79.4kg today.

Doing the extra exercise and keeping to 1300 calories did not work....... Apparently I put my body into starvation mode and it went to sleep. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good bye to the 80's and hello 70's

I finally did it.  I weighed in at 79.6kgs today.

I will admit that I am completely spent, exhausted and sore.  But I did it now lets hope my scales are nice to me tomorrow when I weigh in as I am tired and grumpy and with the lack of food Umm "What was I saying" oh yeah forgetful.

This week has been my biggest loss so far with 1.8kgs so my working out of less 1,000 calories per day can work when you are not stressed out and in the zone.  I promise I will post more.

Tomorrow is another day and another day lighter

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25th August & I still hate my bathroom scales.

Well I guess that's what you get when you weigh yourself everyday.  I know that I am like 90% of women that weigh themselves everyday and basically the numbers on the scales determines what sort of day I am going to have.   Well today I was ready to throw them across the bathroom actually i did and scared my poor husband. and he ticked me off for being so naughty.

I had kicked arse at the gym yet again yesterday went to bed feeling hungry and I had only eaten 100 Cal's more than the previous day but still burnt off way over 1,000 exercise calories.  So I should have lost weight - Right?  Well nooooo I put on 800 grams. What the?

In the old days ha ha listen to me "Old Days"! I would have scoffed my face for the whole day and swore that the next day would be a new one.  How things have changed.  I know that I am eating well maybe I am not actually eating enough and I will seriously be thinking of seeing a dietitian next week if I haven't dropped 3 kilos this week after Mother nature has gone on holidays for another 3 weeks.  Actually that brings me to another subject that I will post about.  But we will have to ask all Males to leave the room before I post.

Anyhooo, I went off to gym - Felt mothers guilt as I left my son crying at school (Happens most days) as he doesn't want me to leave.  Rushed off and made it to an early morning Pump Class.   I did the class and was surprised to read that I had only burnt off 300cals.  I barely broke out a sweat once.

I realised in pump class how far my fitness has come. I found the class very easy and lots of exercises that I either couldn't do cause my boobs and belly would be in the way I could easily manage today plus lots more. Still struggled with lunges. Oh how I hate those things.   It was a great weight work out but no good for the calorie burning.  I had always thought that Pump was an awesome calorie burner.  Mm mm so then I went down to the gym and did some cardio until I burnt off 1,000 calories.

It wasn't really the plan at first I was going to be happy with 600 but once I got there I was like lets get to 700 and so on until I was knackered and my brain had gone off to think about meal planning and organising the house.  That's when I knew it was time to give up. 

Came home showered and made myself a chicken and veg stir fry. 

Will see what the scales bring me tomorrow.  However - I did take some photo's and I wished that I had taken more of me at the start but I have always hated having my photo taken as I always kept saying in my head.  I don't want to be remembered fat and when I lose weight then I will have more photos.  Hahaha Always behind the camera instead of the front.  Things will change.  I have changed.

Even though the scales haven't moved for such a long time and I will have to work out what is going on. Cause I hate that I don't drink wine anymore, eat rice, spuds, cheese so many other carbs etc and the weight isn't just dropping off.  I have given so much of myself to get this weight off.

I don't get that feeling of hunger anymore and I certain don't suffer from low blood sugar hunger pains anymore.  But there are some days I could just stuff my face into a bag of CC and Hoover them all up.

Like today my son eat hot BBQ chicken most days - I pick one up from the supermarket on the way home from school as he pretty much eats the minute he gets home to a few minutes before bed.  Oh lordy the smell of that juicy hot chicken with lots of tasty & I mean tasty chicken skin.  Oh its just so hard not to rip off a leg on the way home from the super market and scoff it down while driving.   For the most of the time I have been in control some say obsessive.  I think just changing my life so that I can live a little harder and longer.

Wholly cow that was about one month into the challenge.

Today - Ok Im standing a little further way but you get the picture.

25th August 2010

Triple chin getting smaller.  This is the "deer in the headlight" photo.

This is omg I need a new haircut look. 25/8/10



Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am so close but still haven't broken through that 79kgs supporters flag.  I am so close I can already see it.  Without a doubt I know that I am most likely already 79kgs but will have to wait until Mother nature has left the building.

Our challenge comes to an end next week and have been trying to work out what will be my next step to keep me on track and reaching my goal.  I nearly fell over laughing today when my (sometimes) Personal mentor said he will keep kicking my butt and keep me motivated. 

Honestly I am the maker of my new healthier life. Everything I do each day is my responsibility and while it is nice to have a cheer squad there is a difference between saying you are going to help (false promises) and actually given support and help.

So for the past two days I have really amped up my training.  Yesterday I did cardio and weights and trained for nearly 2hours and burnt nearly 1400 calories.  Trust me that was hard work. 

My daily goal is 1,000 but yesterday I was busy and really wanted a large skinny latte and some sushi.  So that was my little goal to achieve and while I am no longer a supporter of food rewards that was mine yesterday.  A small pay off for having to get the shopping done after Gym and going to visit my new back Guru.  I haven't spoken to much about him but Oh my word he has amazing hands and most of my pain has been from "stiff as a plank" back/neck muscles.  He is working a treat with a handsome bill at the end of each session.

So today was pretty much the same at the gym burnt off 1,000 calories the plan WAS to go back to gym tonight and do a pump class.  However I got a call from the school to pick up my son as he was sick and its kind of thrown my whole day out.  Yes I should make myself go - I know I should go.  I will feel better if I go and I will burn more calories off.   Ha ha.

My finally weigh in is now one week from today.  for some reason my original appointment for this Thursday had disappeared and my name removed.  I am happy because it was this Thursday and now the following Tuesday - 1 week to drop 2 kilos in a week.  Sure I can do it.  I know I can do it.

As of yesterday I was one step away from joining the 3rd session of the Michelle Bridges (Biggest Loser trainer) online 12 week challenge.  It sounds fantastic with loads of online support including food menu each week.

Then my husband called to tell me he needed a holiday and has booked 2 weeks at my favourite warm holiday location in 8 weeks - So I have something new to work for and need to save my coins until then.

What I have noticed this week is I have less middle rolls.  Unless you have/had tummy rolls aka love handles you will have no idea what I am talking about.  I can now see more of me - I still have a tummy and as far as waist size goes I am still in the high risk zone but I have come down from 110cm to 93cm today.

I can feel muscles and have a little giggle to myself when I can feel them and see them.  I can feel bones that I had forgotten I owned.  Like last night I was laying down and realised I have ribs again.   I have gone from a triple chin down to a double.  Although I am thinking the only way I am going to be able to fix that is through plastic surgery.  Which is something I am thinking about once I am at goal weight.

Fingers crossed for 79kgs on my scales tomorrow.

Start weight 94kgs
Start of challenge 89.6kgs
Today's weight 80.2kgs 

mini goal by 18 Oct (74kgs)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am so excited and yes I double and triple checked my silly bathroom scales and the average number that kept coming up was 80.6kgs.  I have dreamed of this day when I would be so close to hitting the 70's.

I know that I have been beating myself up like no tomorrow that I am not already out of the 80's but I am so happy to finally broken the plateau of 81 kg. I have been there for nearly a month - One month of set back.
   I have been really tough on my diet again this week but only the last few days to be truthful.  Plus 80.6kgs was this morning and mother nature also decided to drop in and spoil my final weigh in week for the challenge.  So take another 1kg off and I know deep down in my heart that I am under 80's just have to keep being good all week and not wreck my hard work.

I am back to being nearly pain free. It appears that the pain in my hip is slowly going nothing like a good dose of Codeine to help stop that.  I chatted to one of the trainers down at the gym that one of my ex Scrapbooking now fitness buddies recommends to do me a new programme when this challenge is over.  He went through my current programme and we both agreed that my PT/Mentor has well lost the plot a little bit (that's another story) and given me a "Maintenance" type programme with several exercises that are just way dangerous for me to be doing with a bad shoulder.

I hadn't been doing these exercises anyway.  I guess I have come along so far now that I know how to listen to my body and have a little bit of experience at what exercises and equipment that I can use instead.

My plan this week is just to keep on doing what I have been doing for 12 weeks.  Once my hip is a little better I plan on upping my classes (cardio) and pushing myself a little harder in the gym.   I think my body is just used to what I am currently doing and needs a change to get it working harder again.

Hopefully (Fingers crossed) with the warmer weather I will be out more doing bike riding etc.  I need to be working my heart rate at around 140+ beats for it to be a worth while exercise for me.  Just going for a walk around my local area is not enough for me at the moment.  But that will be bonus exercise - Calorie loss.

I spent the morning yesterday shopping at my favourite shopping complex.  This is the part that does my head in.  While I am the lightest I have been in around 8 years - I still can't walk into a shop and buy off the rack.  Or may be I am just too scared to try in fear of undoing all my hard work because  lets be honest women's clothing sizes are all over the place.

Yesterday I picked up a shirt - The sizing was 2,3,4.5 I thought only children's clothing came in that size range.  No wonder why our body images are so distorted.

I always said once I got to the end of the challenge I would buy some new clothes.  Well now I am going to wait just a little longer until I am around 77kgs.  Oh how much I love saying 77 kil-o ---gra--mmmmsss.  I feel lighter already just by saying that. 77, 77, 77 but its still another 3 kilos away.

I would update photos and I will when its a sunny day but I don't think I look any different.

My sister did inform me yesterday that I am half myself.  Bless her but sadly I don't think 10kgs from 30+ kilos that need to be lost equals 1/2 my size but her words and support does motivate me to keep on going.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One week left

Sadly today my Trainer advised me that next Thursday will be my last weigh in and he will be taking my measurements.  My weight hasn't moved for a while but then I again if I was being really really truthful I probably have been cutting corners.

After not loosing any weight for a while I went on a bender.  Consuming lots of naughty things including Curry, creamy pasta, Subway, CC, Oh nearly forgot Apple/Rhubarb pie with cream, figured I may as well go the cream if I am going to have a whole slice of pie. It was delish.  Everything that I ate last week are all things that I know are my favourite meals in my life. I know also that I dont want to give them up anytime soon.  Although I figure it would be better not to consume all of them in just one week.

Loads of emotional beating up going on in my brain at the moment.

Some of the ladies that I have hardly seen since the start of the challenge look like they have lost loads of weight and here is little ole me still plodding along.  Which is kind of weird because I have hardly seen them at the gym and suddenly this week they have been there every morning.

I have also had to wait for equipement at the gym so it must be getting close to Summer and everyones is joining the gym to lose weight before the end of the year. 

Of course I am happy to be lighter but the facts are I am still fat and short.  The short things, well there is nothing I can do about that ! But the fat thing I should be around 79kilos and not still at 81kgs.

So I have one week to get my head in the right place.  I know that my journey is not over and I don't plan on giving it away.  Although part of me I think has already.  Its that naughty part that figures I have done so well and lets go off and party hard now.

I need to slow down a little and work out my next step to kick this weight loss up a gear. I am seriously still thinking of going to see a dietician and will make the call tomorrow.

I doubt that Weight watchers is the place to go as their diet is high in sugar and carbs especially low point options.   Of course mother nature is knocking on the door wanting to have over my week of "girlies" as one of the ladies in my challenge group calls it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 11

My teenth weigh in and I am still stuck in the 81 kgs.

I have found the last few weeks a real struggle mentally and health wise.

I have worked my butt off at the gym for very little return.  I know that my clothes are looser and that I have had plenty of comments from friends which is ALWAYS wonderful but I was hoping by now that I would be around 79kgs.

Last week I was armed with my new fancy heat monitor and calorie counter.  It was my late birthday present and I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about loosing weight and keeping track of their exercise.

It took me a while to work out like most modern day gadgets but thankfully its works out what settings you use most and self sets it self. 

I also finally got the calculations of how many calories my body needs per day and how many out will equal my weekly weight loss.  So last week I went to gym everyday and burnt off 1,000 calories for about 5 days.  You need to be in a surplus after the calories in of 7,000 approx per week to lose around 1kg per week.

Well you can understand my disappointment and shear exhaustion come Saturday when the scales had only moved 400grms.  On top of that my dear Dad had a stroke while over seas. 

Fast forward to the following Tuesday and I am utterly shattered, exhausted in pain.  I went to gym but just couldnt push myself.  Gave myself a day off by Thursday my neck was stiff to the point I yelped in pain when I tried to look a certain way.  By Friday no pain killers could make me feel good and I have allowed myself to just get over whatever virus exhaustion etc I have.

The funny thing is I have been naughty I have not writen down one calorie all week and the scales have not moved in gram.   I hate you scales.

So I will leave this rather glum post tonight.  With hope yet again by next week I will be lighter and fitter again and aiming for that 79kgs mark.

These are my everyday essentials.