Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 11

My teenth weigh in and I am still stuck in the 81 kgs.

I have found the last few weeks a real struggle mentally and health wise.

I have worked my butt off at the gym for very little return.  I know that my clothes are looser and that I have had plenty of comments from friends which is ALWAYS wonderful but I was hoping by now that I would be around 79kgs.

Last week I was armed with my new fancy heat monitor and calorie counter.  It was my late birthday present and I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about loosing weight and keeping track of their exercise.

It took me a while to work out like most modern day gadgets but thankfully its works out what settings you use most and self sets it self. 

I also finally got the calculations of how many calories my body needs per day and how many out will equal my weekly weight loss.  So last week I went to gym everyday and burnt off 1,000 calories for about 5 days.  You need to be in a surplus after the calories in of 7,000 approx per week to lose around 1kg per week.

Well you can understand my disappointment and shear exhaustion come Saturday when the scales had only moved 400grms.  On top of that my dear Dad had a stroke while over seas. 

Fast forward to the following Tuesday and I am utterly shattered, exhausted in pain.  I went to gym but just couldnt push myself.  Gave myself a day off by Thursday my neck was stiff to the point I yelped in pain when I tried to look a certain way.  By Friday no pain killers could make me feel good and I have allowed myself to just get over whatever virus exhaustion etc I have.

The funny thing is I have been naughty I have not writen down one calorie all week and the scales have not moved in gram.   I hate you scales.

So I will leave this rather glum post tonight.  With hope yet again by next week I will be lighter and fitter again and aiming for that 79kgs mark.

These are my everyday essentials.

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