Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am so excited and yes I double and triple checked my silly bathroom scales and the average number that kept coming up was 80.6kgs.  I have dreamed of this day when I would be so close to hitting the 70's.

I know that I have been beating myself up like no tomorrow that I am not already out of the 80's but I am so happy to finally broken the plateau of 81 kg. I have been there for nearly a month - One month of set back.
   I have been really tough on my diet again this week but only the last few days to be truthful.  Plus 80.6kgs was this morning and mother nature also decided to drop in and spoil my final weigh in week for the challenge.  So take another 1kg off and I know deep down in my heart that I am under 80's just have to keep being good all week and not wreck my hard work.

I am back to being nearly pain free. It appears that the pain in my hip is slowly going nothing like a good dose of Codeine to help stop that.  I chatted to one of the trainers down at the gym that one of my ex Scrapbooking now fitness buddies recommends to do me a new programme when this challenge is over.  He went through my current programme and we both agreed that my PT/Mentor has well lost the plot a little bit (that's another story) and given me a "Maintenance" type programme with several exercises that are just way dangerous for me to be doing with a bad shoulder.

I hadn't been doing these exercises anyway.  I guess I have come along so far now that I know how to listen to my body and have a little bit of experience at what exercises and equipment that I can use instead.

My plan this week is just to keep on doing what I have been doing for 12 weeks.  Once my hip is a little better I plan on upping my classes (cardio) and pushing myself a little harder in the gym.   I think my body is just used to what I am currently doing and needs a change to get it working harder again.

Hopefully (Fingers crossed) with the warmer weather I will be out more doing bike riding etc.  I need to be working my heart rate at around 140+ beats for it to be a worth while exercise for me.  Just going for a walk around my local area is not enough for me at the moment.  But that will be bonus exercise - Calorie loss.

I spent the morning yesterday shopping at my favourite shopping complex.  This is the part that does my head in.  While I am the lightest I have been in around 8 years - I still can't walk into a shop and buy off the rack.  Or may be I am just too scared to try in fear of undoing all my hard work because  lets be honest women's clothing sizes are all over the place.

Yesterday I picked up a shirt - The sizing was 2,3,4.5 I thought only children's clothing came in that size range.  No wonder why our body images are so distorted.

I always said once I got to the end of the challenge I would buy some new clothes.  Well now I am going to wait just a little longer until I am around 77kgs.  Oh how much I love saying 77 kil-o ---gra--mmmmsss.  I feel lighter already just by saying that. 77, 77, 77 but its still another 3 kilos away.

I would update photos and I will when its a sunny day but I don't think I look any different.

My sister did inform me yesterday that I am half myself.  Bless her but sadly I don't think 10kgs from 30+ kilos that need to be lost equals 1/2 my size but her words and support does motivate me to keep on going.

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