Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last day of 2010

Good Bye 2010 and the weight I lost during the year can stay with you.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning.  Realised once I was already wet in the shower.  So no official last 2010 weigh in.  I am such a goose.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Weighed myself today and nearly fell through the floor.  79.6kgs.

I am stuck at home and feeling frustrated.  I need my daily routine of gym in the morning.  Its hard to get out of the house with a child as stubborn as mine with ASD.

Today I need to find my focus.  Do some meal planning, food shopping and some exercise DVD's or even get to the gym tonight when my hubby gets home.

I need a neck and back adjustment but I doubt I am going to get any of that done today.

Oh and I need to get some iron into this body of mine.  I am still feeling blah blah!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The lead up to Christmas was just insane for me.

With work parties, friends catching up, the operation and then finally meeting with the sports Doctor. Then getting nearly a full body Xray and blood tests done two days before Christmas. I basically lost a whole day.  I was lets say a bit frantic on Christmas Eve.

We had Christmas Eve at my Mother in Laws.  Which is a fairly quiet affair -Thankfully.

Christmas day was a bit of a busy run around. First waiting for my real father to turn up on Saturday morning after he requested we  change our plans to fit in with him, only two days before Christmas and then failing to turn up.  Yes, this is the same father that has been doing this for 41 years and I am still waiting for him to turn up for the weekend visit of 3 weeks ago.  Anyhooooo.

We had a lovely day at my sisters house. Lets say I relaxed a little too much and before I also realised I was emotionally drinking and eating due to issues.  Not actually meaning to but sometimes certain things come back to haunt us from our past, from deep down inside. I also completely forgot to stick with the programme and drank way too much wine.  Topped off with getting that time of the month lets just say I was a very sick puppy on Sunday.

 It was still the best Christmas, I have had for such a long time. I just loved having someone else cook, clean and having someone else pour me a drink or 4. Looking back now I realise I had no water or even a cup of tea the whole day.

So it has now taken to today, to wake up and feel the need to stop eating everything in sight.  Sadly this year there was no left over ham or meats to take home (healthy leftovers).  I guess that is the downside of not having Christmas at my house.  However, there are lots of homemade goodies that are slowly going to find their way into the bin as no one except myself seems to be eating them.  My husband doesn't have a sweet tooth, my son well he would just live on junk food if I let him and well I can't stop myself from eating a good handmade shortbread. Not even sure there is any shortbread left in the house.

I need to stop all those little extra things that are not normally in my pantry that have been just finding their way into my mouth to stop.   Truth be told I am now feeling over quick fix dinners, sweets, home bakes and lust after a good salad.

My lovely husband has cleaned our BBQ.  The weather has been so wet that we haven't had the chance to clean it and now, we can get back into normal eating and back on the programme.

This past month has been a hard one on my body with my operation two lots of periods, a damaged hip/back and lack of exercise mojo.

I know I have put on weight and while its ONLY 2 kilos.  If I had lost 2 kilos in a week I would be over the moon but I can feel my clothes tighter.  I can feel my face feeling fuller and just feel more flabby than I normally do.  I miss feeling lighter and need to get back there and do my best from tomorrow on wards.

School holidays here so getting to the gym is going to take a bit more planning and motivation.  I am looking forward to getting out of the house with my son and doing some fun exercising type things.

Well enough of me rambling on today.  Weight is 78.? can't remember but thought it would have been high after my Christmas day blow out.

I will leave you with a photo of a gift I received from my brother that I am so excited to receive and its going to be handy over the holidays when I cant get out of the house.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 more sleeps until the crazy starts

Well where has the time gone?

I can't believe that I am typing this on the 20th day of December nearly 2 weeks since my last post.  I was sure I had added a post before today.  

Not a lot has been happening but this week, I hope will be the day I can start getting some answers to this on going back, neck & leg pain.  Hopefully, we will get off the pain killer & chiropractor, myotherapy roller coaster as well.  As much I don't mind really donating to their children's school education funding.  I would much prefer the money in my pocket.

So come this Thursday, I will be seeing Dr Nick the sports guy and get the ball rolling.

I have been kind of back on track with my eating and have had two full on good sessions at the gym.   I had a rather big eating & drinking night with my friend.  Who likes to live it up a bit (I have posted before about her) and I have come to the conclusion, that maybe I am only fun when I am half whacked out on alcohol and stuffing my face.  I just can';t do it anymore and it takes me days to get rehydrate.

My weight last week was around the high 78 (yes I know).  Yesterday I was back down to 77.8kgs.  My goal is to get through Christmas and New year without going over that.  I felt bloated and very uncomfortable back at that weight.

I am still tossing up about joining Weight watchers in the New year.   I really want to be cooking food and have an eating plan that my whole family, can eat.

Talking about food, the weather in Melbourne has been freezing like winter.  I haven't felt like eating salads much at night time.  So I am sticking with them for lunch.  I am busting to get the BBQ out and eat grilled food with super easy salads every day.  Delish!.

Keep an eye out for the next round of Biggest Loser.  Oh I am so super excited.  I felt ill for the trainers when they found out that they would have to eat the vile food (If you can call it food) that the BL contestants eat every day.   Honestly I shake my head at these people who think that they can't lose weight but eat the amount of crap and the size portions that they are eating.

Anyway click on the link if you wish to see some sneaks of the next series.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas.

And the way I have been eating lately I might just pass as a Christmas tree, if you hang some decorations on me and twirl around some flashing lights.

I am currently day 5 post operation and had my stitches out today.  Boy was that fun Not!

All is good and I have healthy insides apparently.  Fantastic, now lets work on the rest of me.

So you see.  With having 3 weekends in a row of eating, before going on my holiday.  Add my holiday which I must say, I think I actually did pretty well.  Came home tried to get back on the "exercise wagon". My body decided to pack up shop for the holidays, add a period, nervousness about having an operation, having that operation and now coming out the other side 5 days later.  I am a grand total of hmmm 78.? something kilos.

I swear, I am an eating, food tasting, food shoveling, food sneaking person again.  I know I shouldn't be tasting all of my sons dinner of a night time, when I am getting it ready for him. Especially when my own healthy dinner (or in some cases not so healthy) dinner is only an hour or so away. Even as I put it in my mouth and even eating bits of fat from the meat that I would never ever eat (that's why I am taking it off my sons plate).  Its like I have become a comatose zombie rubbish bin.

I have the naughty Felicity making decisions for me at the moment.  I know that when I am hungry, I could go and have a yogurt or maybe some tuna and salad.  But no,  I have found myself grabbing a packet of rice chips, a cookie,  3 or 4 creamy sushi instead of my usual 2 pieces of non creamy type sushi.  Sure rice chips are a much healthier option than say "Corn Chips". Haha I can't stop laughing, even while I am typing this post out.  Sure they have say 400cals per box compared to CC at 1200 per bag but I don't need to hoover the whole box down.

 I swear the food is speaking to me and demanding that I aimlessly stuff it in my mouth.  The calories don't count.  I have even heard myself say - Now wait for it "It doesn't matter - I will work it off at the gym or I need cheering up".   I actually don't think I am even in tune with my hunger and just allowing "stuff" into my mouth.  I am not sure when I remember getting hunger pains.  Oh actually I do. Each time I tried to really push myself at gym when I came back from holidays.  My stomach would suddenly go on strike and scream "I am hungry now get off that bike and feed me".

So I am battling with my demons.  Being totally naughty as I am bored, need to get to gym, get my routine happening with good eating again.  I am totally out of whack at the moment.

I can't even get myself motivated to get motivated.  I am struggling with "taking it easy" and I should be using this time to catch up on some reading, menu planning etc.  I can't even get to the shops to buy healthy food.  Although, today I do feel the best that I have felt for a few days.

The Doctor said last week that I should be able to start "light" exercise after the stitches are out.  There is no way I am going to be able to hit the gym still for a while. I feel like if I bend over my belly button is going to burst open.

So today I started off good - I have had my usual cereal for breakfast (I couldn't stomach it until today). I have had a coffee and some sushi,  I had a WW frozen meal for lunch which meant I was starving by 4pm.

Then everything started to go down hill soon after 4pm.  Taste tested my sons dinner, the rice chips some how ended up in front of me (OK I have no yogurt or fruit). Dinner is going to be chicken stir fry without rice!

And probably a little mini almond magnum  - They only have 150 calories (right!)

Tomorrow challenge is acknowledging my food triggers and eating.  Trying to stick to around 1300 cals and writing everything down.

Should have some happy snaps tomorrow as well.

Agghhhh I need to exercise!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still here

I haven't forgotten about my diet or my blog.  I am still here.

I haven't been able to focus at all.  My operation is tomorrow and my back is killing me.  I can no longer walk on my right foot correctly for some reason it feels like I have broken a bone in it.  It comes and goes so it must be something to do with my on going back problem.

I am booked in to see the specialist about my back on the 23rd December talk about leaving it to the last possible appointment before Christmas.

So not much else has been happening.  Well actually I do have some news.  My husband has joined me on a get fit programme as well.  He wants to loose 5kgs and nearly every night this week he has either gone for a walk or a bike ride.  I feel humble that I have motivated him to finally get moving.  He isn't over weight.  He just has a beer belly hehe.  Funny if he read my post.

What else.  Craig Harper has just released a new book which I promptly purchased today. .  I am looking forward to reading that while I am recovering from my operation.

I have really been stuck in a rut lately with this back problem and the operation so I am really looking forward to being able to move on and get back to loosing weight.  I am still around 77kgs but I have been at this weight for such a long time now.  My aim now is to refocus when I am strong enough and get my back problems sorted next.

So wish me luck and I will see you hopefully in a few days and I am quieting hoping the find a 15kgs tumor tomorrow that would solve losing that last 20kgs.

Yay for the first day of Christmas.