Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 more sleeps until the crazy starts

Well where has the time gone?

I can't believe that I am typing this on the 20th day of December nearly 2 weeks since my last post.  I was sure I had added a post before today.  

Not a lot has been happening but this week, I hope will be the day I can start getting some answers to this on going back, neck & leg pain.  Hopefully, we will get off the pain killer & chiropractor, myotherapy roller coaster as well.  As much I don't mind really donating to their children's school education funding.  I would much prefer the money in my pocket.

So come this Thursday, I will be seeing Dr Nick the sports guy and get the ball rolling.

I have been kind of back on track with my eating and have had two full on good sessions at the gym.   I had a rather big eating & drinking night with my friend.  Who likes to live it up a bit (I have posted before about her) and I have come to the conclusion, that maybe I am only fun when I am half whacked out on alcohol and stuffing my face.  I just can';t do it anymore and it takes me days to get rehydrate.

My weight last week was around the high 78 (yes I know).  Yesterday I was back down to 77.8kgs.  My goal is to get through Christmas and New year without going over that.  I felt bloated and very uncomfortable back at that weight.

I am still tossing up about joining Weight watchers in the New year.   I really want to be cooking food and have an eating plan that my whole family, can eat.

Talking about food, the weather in Melbourne has been freezing like winter.  I haven't felt like eating salads much at night time.  So I am sticking with them for lunch.  I am busting to get the BBQ out and eat grilled food with super easy salads every day.  Delish!.

Keep an eye out for the next round of Biggest Loser.  Oh I am so super excited.  I felt ill for the trainers when they found out that they would have to eat the vile food (If you can call it food) that the BL contestants eat every day.   Honestly I shake my head at these people who think that they can't lose weight but eat the amount of crap and the size portions that they are eating.

Anyway click on the link if you wish to see some sneaks of the next series.


  1. Felicity, join WW and you get the support and encouragement! Atleast buy the magazine each week or join ONLINE as an alternative! My husband loves WW meals.

  2. Thanks Michelle for all of your lovely comments. I have been reading the WW mags from front to back love reading them. I think that is what is inspiring me to go and re-join WW again. Plus its real food.