Monday, December 27, 2010

The lead up to Christmas was just insane for me.

With work parties, friends catching up, the operation and then finally meeting with the sports Doctor. Then getting nearly a full body Xray and blood tests done two days before Christmas. I basically lost a whole day.  I was lets say a bit frantic on Christmas Eve.

We had Christmas Eve at my Mother in Laws.  Which is a fairly quiet affair -Thankfully.

Christmas day was a bit of a busy run around. First waiting for my real father to turn up on Saturday morning after he requested we  change our plans to fit in with him, only two days before Christmas and then failing to turn up.  Yes, this is the same father that has been doing this for 41 years and I am still waiting for him to turn up for the weekend visit of 3 weeks ago.  Anyhooooo.

We had a lovely day at my sisters house. Lets say I relaxed a little too much and before I also realised I was emotionally drinking and eating due to issues.  Not actually meaning to but sometimes certain things come back to haunt us from our past, from deep down inside. I also completely forgot to stick with the programme and drank way too much wine.  Topped off with getting that time of the month lets just say I was a very sick puppy on Sunday.

 It was still the best Christmas, I have had for such a long time. I just loved having someone else cook, clean and having someone else pour me a drink or 4. Looking back now I realise I had no water or even a cup of tea the whole day.

So it has now taken to today, to wake up and feel the need to stop eating everything in sight.  Sadly this year there was no left over ham or meats to take home (healthy leftovers).  I guess that is the downside of not having Christmas at my house.  However, there are lots of homemade goodies that are slowly going to find their way into the bin as no one except myself seems to be eating them.  My husband doesn't have a sweet tooth, my son well he would just live on junk food if I let him and well I can't stop myself from eating a good handmade shortbread. Not even sure there is any shortbread left in the house.

I need to stop all those little extra things that are not normally in my pantry that have been just finding their way into my mouth to stop.   Truth be told I am now feeling over quick fix dinners, sweets, home bakes and lust after a good salad.

My lovely husband has cleaned our BBQ.  The weather has been so wet that we haven't had the chance to clean it and now, we can get back into normal eating and back on the programme.

This past month has been a hard one on my body with my operation two lots of periods, a damaged hip/back and lack of exercise mojo.

I know I have put on weight and while its ONLY 2 kilos.  If I had lost 2 kilos in a week I would be over the moon but I can feel my clothes tighter.  I can feel my face feeling fuller and just feel more flabby than I normally do.  I miss feeling lighter and need to get back there and do my best from tomorrow on wards.

School holidays here so getting to the gym is going to take a bit more planning and motivation.  I am looking forward to getting out of the house with my son and doing some fun exercising type things.

Well enough of me rambling on today.  Weight is 78.? can't remember but thought it would have been high after my Christmas day blow out.

I will leave you with a photo of a gift I received from my brother that I am so excited to receive and its going to be handy over the holidays when I cant get out of the house.

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