Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last day of 2010

Good Bye 2010 and the weight I lost during the year can stay with you.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning.  Realised once I was already wet in the shower.  So no official last 2010 weigh in.  I am such a goose.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Weighed myself today and nearly fell through the floor.  79.6kgs.

I am stuck at home and feeling frustrated.  I need my daily routine of gym in the morning.  Its hard to get out of the house with a child as stubborn as mine with ASD.

Today I need to find my focus.  Do some meal planning, food shopping and some exercise DVD's or even get to the gym tonight when my hubby gets home.

I need a neck and back adjustment but I doubt I am going to get any of that done today.

Oh and I need to get some iron into this body of mine.  I am still feeling blah blah!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The lead up to Christmas was just insane for me.

With work parties, friends catching up, the operation and then finally meeting with the sports Doctor. Then getting nearly a full body Xray and blood tests done two days before Christmas. I basically lost a whole day.  I was lets say a bit frantic on Christmas Eve.

We had Christmas Eve at my Mother in Laws.  Which is a fairly quiet affair -Thankfully.

Christmas day was a bit of a busy run around. First waiting for my real father to turn up on Saturday morning after he requested we  change our plans to fit in with him, only two days before Christmas and then failing to turn up.  Yes, this is the same father that has been doing this for 41 years and I am still waiting for him to turn up for the weekend visit of 3 weeks ago.  Anyhooooo.

We had a lovely day at my sisters house. Lets say I relaxed a little too much and before I also realised I was emotionally drinking and eating due to issues.  Not actually meaning to but sometimes certain things come back to haunt us from our past, from deep down inside. I also completely forgot to stick with the programme and drank way too much wine.  Topped off with getting that time of the month lets just say I was a very sick puppy on Sunday.

 It was still the best Christmas, I have had for such a long time. I just loved having someone else cook, clean and having someone else pour me a drink or 4. Looking back now I realise I had no water or even a cup of tea the whole day.

So it has now taken to today, to wake up and feel the need to stop eating everything in sight.  Sadly this year there was no left over ham or meats to take home (healthy leftovers).  I guess that is the downside of not having Christmas at my house.  However, there are lots of homemade goodies that are slowly going to find their way into the bin as no one except myself seems to be eating them.  My husband doesn't have a sweet tooth, my son well he would just live on junk food if I let him and well I can't stop myself from eating a good handmade shortbread. Not even sure there is any shortbread left in the house.

I need to stop all those little extra things that are not normally in my pantry that have been just finding their way into my mouth to stop.   Truth be told I am now feeling over quick fix dinners, sweets, home bakes and lust after a good salad.

My lovely husband has cleaned our BBQ.  The weather has been so wet that we haven't had the chance to clean it and now, we can get back into normal eating and back on the programme.

This past month has been a hard one on my body with my operation two lots of periods, a damaged hip/back and lack of exercise mojo.

I know I have put on weight and while its ONLY 2 kilos.  If I had lost 2 kilos in a week I would be over the moon but I can feel my clothes tighter.  I can feel my face feeling fuller and just feel more flabby than I normally do.  I miss feeling lighter and need to get back there and do my best from tomorrow on wards.

School holidays here so getting to the gym is going to take a bit more planning and motivation.  I am looking forward to getting out of the house with my son and doing some fun exercising type things.

Well enough of me rambling on today.  Weight is 78.? can't remember but thought it would have been high after my Christmas day blow out.

I will leave you with a photo of a gift I received from my brother that I am so excited to receive and its going to be handy over the holidays when I cant get out of the house.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 more sleeps until the crazy starts

Well where has the time gone?

I can't believe that I am typing this on the 20th day of December nearly 2 weeks since my last post.  I was sure I had added a post before today.  

Not a lot has been happening but this week, I hope will be the day I can start getting some answers to this on going back, neck & leg pain.  Hopefully, we will get off the pain killer & chiropractor, myotherapy roller coaster as well.  As much I don't mind really donating to their children's school education funding.  I would much prefer the money in my pocket.

So come this Thursday, I will be seeing Dr Nick the sports guy and get the ball rolling.

I have been kind of back on track with my eating and have had two full on good sessions at the gym.   I had a rather big eating & drinking night with my friend.  Who likes to live it up a bit (I have posted before about her) and I have come to the conclusion, that maybe I am only fun when I am half whacked out on alcohol and stuffing my face.  I just can';t do it anymore and it takes me days to get rehydrate.

My weight last week was around the high 78 (yes I know).  Yesterday I was back down to 77.8kgs.  My goal is to get through Christmas and New year without going over that.  I felt bloated and very uncomfortable back at that weight.

I am still tossing up about joining Weight watchers in the New year.   I really want to be cooking food and have an eating plan that my whole family, can eat.

Talking about food, the weather in Melbourne has been freezing like winter.  I haven't felt like eating salads much at night time.  So I am sticking with them for lunch.  I am busting to get the BBQ out and eat grilled food with super easy salads every day.  Delish!.

Keep an eye out for the next round of Biggest Loser.  Oh I am so super excited.  I felt ill for the trainers when they found out that they would have to eat the vile food (If you can call it food) that the BL contestants eat every day.   Honestly I shake my head at these people who think that they can't lose weight but eat the amount of crap and the size portions that they are eating.

Anyway click on the link if you wish to see some sneaks of the next series.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas.

And the way I have been eating lately I might just pass as a Christmas tree, if you hang some decorations on me and twirl around some flashing lights.

I am currently day 5 post operation and had my stitches out today.  Boy was that fun Not!

All is good and I have healthy insides apparently.  Fantastic, now lets work on the rest of me.

So you see.  With having 3 weekends in a row of eating, before going on my holiday.  Add my holiday which I must say, I think I actually did pretty well.  Came home tried to get back on the "exercise wagon". My body decided to pack up shop for the holidays, add a period, nervousness about having an operation, having that operation and now coming out the other side 5 days later.  I am a grand total of hmmm 78.? something kilos.

I swear, I am an eating, food tasting, food shoveling, food sneaking person again.  I know I shouldn't be tasting all of my sons dinner of a night time, when I am getting it ready for him. Especially when my own healthy dinner (or in some cases not so healthy) dinner is only an hour or so away. Even as I put it in my mouth and even eating bits of fat from the meat that I would never ever eat (that's why I am taking it off my sons plate).  Its like I have become a comatose zombie rubbish bin.

I have the naughty Felicity making decisions for me at the moment.  I know that when I am hungry, I could go and have a yogurt or maybe some tuna and salad.  But no,  I have found myself grabbing a packet of rice chips, a cookie,  3 or 4 creamy sushi instead of my usual 2 pieces of non creamy type sushi.  Sure rice chips are a much healthier option than say "Corn Chips". Haha I can't stop laughing, even while I am typing this post out.  Sure they have say 400cals per box compared to CC at 1200 per bag but I don't need to hoover the whole box down.

 I swear the food is speaking to me and demanding that I aimlessly stuff it in my mouth.  The calories don't count.  I have even heard myself say - Now wait for it "It doesn't matter - I will work it off at the gym or I need cheering up".   I actually don't think I am even in tune with my hunger and just allowing "stuff" into my mouth.  I am not sure when I remember getting hunger pains.  Oh actually I do. Each time I tried to really push myself at gym when I came back from holidays.  My stomach would suddenly go on strike and scream "I am hungry now get off that bike and feed me".

So I am battling with my demons.  Being totally naughty as I am bored, need to get to gym, get my routine happening with good eating again.  I am totally out of whack at the moment.

I can't even get myself motivated to get motivated.  I am struggling with "taking it easy" and I should be using this time to catch up on some reading, menu planning etc.  I can't even get to the shops to buy healthy food.  Although, today I do feel the best that I have felt for a few days.

The Doctor said last week that I should be able to start "light" exercise after the stitches are out.  There is no way I am going to be able to hit the gym still for a while. I feel like if I bend over my belly button is going to burst open.

So today I started off good - I have had my usual cereal for breakfast (I couldn't stomach it until today). I have had a coffee and some sushi,  I had a WW frozen meal for lunch which meant I was starving by 4pm.

Then everything started to go down hill soon after 4pm.  Taste tested my sons dinner, the rice chips some how ended up in front of me (OK I have no yogurt or fruit). Dinner is going to be chicken stir fry without rice!

And probably a little mini almond magnum  - They only have 150 calories (right!)

Tomorrow challenge is acknowledging my food triggers and eating.  Trying to stick to around 1300 cals and writing everything down.

Should have some happy snaps tomorrow as well.

Agghhhh I need to exercise!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still here

I haven't forgotten about my diet or my blog.  I am still here.

I haven't been able to focus at all.  My operation is tomorrow and my back is killing me.  I can no longer walk on my right foot correctly for some reason it feels like I have broken a bone in it.  It comes and goes so it must be something to do with my on going back problem.

I am booked in to see the specialist about my back on the 23rd December talk about leaving it to the last possible appointment before Christmas.

So not much else has been happening.  Well actually I do have some news.  My husband has joined me on a get fit programme as well.  He wants to loose 5kgs and nearly every night this week he has either gone for a walk or a bike ride.  I feel humble that I have motivated him to finally get moving.  He isn't over weight.  He just has a beer belly hehe.  Funny if he read my post.

What else.  Craig Harper has just released a new book which I promptly purchased today. .  I am looking forward to reading that while I am recovering from my operation.

I have really been stuck in a rut lately with this back problem and the operation so I am really looking forward to being able to move on and get back to loosing weight.  I am still around 77kgs but I have been at this weight for such a long time now.  My aim now is to refocus when I am strong enough and get my back problems sorted next.

So wish me luck and I will see you hopefully in a few days and I am quieting hoping the find a 15kgs tumor tomorrow that would solve losing that last 20kgs.

Yay for the first day of Christmas.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is where I would like to be relaxing today.

Look at how peaceful that beach looks. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

And then something clicked.

So I have been plodding along, half arsed really.  I am telling myself that I am eating OK and that I am getting to the gym.  That the pain from my back/Neck and up coming operation are holding me back.

I went off to my Palliates class on Sunday.  So many people rave about Palliates and I must admit I had only turned up for one class previously.   The instructor "Darren" was nothing like I had expected.  I am not really sure what I expected but just not "Darren".  Sure he is urber fit but he was well blokey with a bit of surfer and Zen all thrown in together.

When I went last time.  I was at the start of my 12 week challenge and was just focused on burning calories and Palliates isn't a calorie burner.  I love the class! its an amazing stretch & balancing class for your body.  So I thought "What have a got to loose?"  Its good for my back blah blah blah and truth be told, I just can't push myself at the moment and have probably been "Too kind" for a while because when I push myself my body throws such a tantrum that even with the slightest niggle now, I just can't do it.

My class went well.  So many moves I couldn't do others surprised me that my flexibility came out of now where but what surprised me the most. Was, well he was so caring and got off the stage and showed me different moves to do to help me and actually listened to me when I explained how feed up I am with this pain.

Well he went all Zen on me and told me that only I am holding myself back.  I didn't get it a first.  I was angry to be honest.  Here was this urber fit, cricket playing, football loving guy telling me that I am holding myself back!.  He has no idea what I am going through!

But it was true;  While I am searching for answers to my back problems - I have lost focus of my goals and what good I have already done.  I have become so hard on myself that I am "Holding myself back".

So we sat for 30 mins or so going through setting up my goals again.  Talking about other exercises I should try. Because clearly the ones I am doing now are not working or are stopping me from getting better.  Lots of positive talk needs to go back into my head.  As a women we are so busy peeping up our children, partners and friends etc and forgetting to focus on what we have done good today.

He wants me to see his back crunching guy (eek!) more money. However, he swears that this guy has some kind of ability to know just what needs to be done and how long it will take.  What have I got to loose?

So I came home and felt all emotional after our conversation.  He was right,  even thought I thought I had been very positive during this year and during my weight loss things have slipped with that taking my goals away.  The challenges are new ones like getting through my operation, Christmas and staying on track for next year.  So far we agreed that my long term goal is 57kgs by the 23rd June 2011.  That will be my 42nd birthday.  It seems so achievable.  nearly 7 months to loose 20 kilos.  Too easy!  Well it is when I break it down to little mountains and not that big one that I keep slipping off for the past few months.

I am still around 77.5kgs.   Been stuck there for a while now.  Today I am OK with it.  Yesterday was a different story but I can't go back to yesterday and change things.  So I will do well today to make tomorrow easier.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Stuck at home again today with my little guy being sick.  Going to try and keep as busy and moving as possible and hopefully get to gym tonight.  I feel positive about staying back on track and eating healthy today!

So today I will leave you with a great blog that I found yesterday.  Go and have a look at her "Before & After" section.  Love all the photos as well.


The last 10 days.

Boy time sure does fly quickly when its nearly the end of the year.

What has been happening in my life.

  • My weight has been bouncing between 77.5 & 78.2kgs
  • Struggling to enjoying exercise without my back or neck playing up.
  • Booked in for an operation next Thursday to have my tumour removed & bit of a service & tune up while they are there.
  • Been stuck home due to sick child and other family commitments and for the first time felt quiet peeved that it had interrupted with my "Me" time.  Usually I can juggle something.
  • Bought a new bed to help my back and hated it the first night I slept on it.  Now I'm liking it not sure if I would say "I'm in love with it", just yet!
  • Found out that after my operation that I can not do any strenuous exercise for at least 4 weeks.
  • Been a bit sloppy filling out my food diary.
  • Been off the wagon and got back on several times this week. 
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling happy
  • Feeling sore
So that basically that's been my last 10 days.

I am frustrated like you would not believe because of the pain in my back and neck has returned 100 fold. I am over it, and after my operation if they have not found anything, that might be the cause of the pain while I am having my service and turn up,  then I will be going to have every kind of scan and follow through with that  once I have recovered.  That is going to be my next priority is to get rid of this pain.

My weight is going up rather than down.  Funny, I go away on holidays and don't weigh myself for 2 weeks.  Ate, drank and did no gym and I only gained 1 kg.  Now I am up 2 kilos and I am trying to eat well. 

So today I decided to get an idea of how many calories I burn in a day.  So I have kept my heart monitor on since 8 am - It is now 8pm.  So according to Michelle Bridges for my height and age.  I would burn around 1580 calories per day - So basically that is what my body needs per day to survive any more calories over that would turn into fat..   I have always followed a 1300 calorie diet and trying to burn around 500+ calories at the gym.

OK So at 8pm my heart monitor is telling me that I have burnt 2898 calories in a 12 hour period + 900 calories at the gym.  So in 12 hours I have burnt 3791 in 12 hours.  So I am confused how I am not loosing more weight if I am only eating 1300 calories but burning probably double the "normal" daily amount.

So I am off to seek some answers from Dr Google.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be lighter.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting back into the swing of this weight loss thing!

I have had a few hic-ups, getting my groove back for eating and exercising since coming back from Queensland. I will be totally honest and say that I haven't even filled out my daily food diary once in the 8 days (well today's I have). 

There have been a lot of factors from having my monthly girlie's, to just being busy, public holiday and a child home from school  So I will be kind and just say "Oh well these things happen". 

I didn't suddenly put on another 5kilos from not hitting the gym every day.  I have indulge just about ever day with something naughty like a mini or even a full size choc Magnum ice cream.  You know the yummy ones with almonds on the outside haha!.

I have struggled with pain again this week so much so that its has really made me feel really really down.  The pain is coming from my lower back and right hip.  My thigh muscles seize up like I am posing for a body building comp or something.  Sadly know one can tell me why it is happening.

As to that since coming home I have been having dizzy spells and heart palpitations.  Scary stuff!  So I did a bit of Dr googling and found that a lack of magnesium can be the cause of my problems and lack of magnesium can also effect your sleep.  Gosh I thought I could tick all the boxes of problems. 

So I headed off to my local health food store for some quality magnesium.  Before I knew it I was pouring out all my medical complaints to the poor man behind the counter lol.  He told me "Maybe I should have stayed in Queensland".  Yes, well I would have gladly.

So I have dosed up on some high quality magnesium woke this morning with a stunning migraine headache. I think its probably hay fever or sinus.   So then I loaded up on Nurophen and that didnt get rid of my headache so I went the Nurophen with Codeine.    So I had a lovely nearly pain free work out today and I feel invigorated and pumped to go again.

Something about a lovely sunny day a good workout and eating well helps me set my goals again and get my head in the right place.

It is roughly 7 weeks until Christmas and while I didn't really want to use Christmas as a goal.  I am going to have to.

I am going to set a pretty tough goal for me because I am currently 77.6kilos and I want to be under 70 by Christmas day.  Roughly 8kilos in less than 8 weeks.     I can do it - Ive done it before.

I know what your thinking but there is all of these Holiday parties leading up to the Festive period. Phewft I can do it.  Just need to limit my time with certain friends who indulge.

I love that I went away for 2 weeks - Enjoyed myself, made good food choices when I could and eat off the programme and only put on a little bit over a kilo.

I do also wonder that maybe with the amount of training (1000 cal burn) at the gym that maybe I wasn't eating enough!    A part of me is thinking of joining Weight Watchers simple because their programme is real food options.  Then again I have limited funds so maybe I might borrow some of the points books off a friend.

My yummy lunch today.  At around 250 cals.  Red salmon and Salad with pumpkin and avocado.  There was meant to be asparagus as well but I thought I would try steaming them in the microwave and lets just say after 2mins they were some, what over cooked. 

So today I weighed 76.6kgs  with 7 weeks (from this Sunday to Xmas) that is my new goal.  Who wants to join me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back on track

Today I weighed in and to be honest I wasn't too sure how I would go.  My clothes were at times feeling a little tighter and other times felt the same.

It is nearly that time of the month a gain and I have delayed it by taking the "Pill" so I knew I would gain some weight from just doing that.  But I am happy to report that I weighed in today at 78.4kgs.  I was around 76.4kgs the day that I left.  So around 2kgs weight gain.  I am OK with that and that shouldn't be too hard to lose and pick up from pre-holiday training.

I have already been to gym today and while I did struggle - I felt so happy to be there and managed to burn a sweet 600calories in 45mins.  My heart rate quickly got up around 140-150 which was a real surprise.

So anyway I am off to replenish my kitchen pantry as I have zip in the fridge - Have a decent coffee and some decent Sushi which I couldn't find either on the Gold coast.

I will post a little snippet that I found about low carb foods today.  The good carbs.  These are the ones that help you with energy and keep your blood sugars balanced so you don't get those pains of feeling like your hungry after less than an hour of eating.

Examples of Low-Carbohydrate Foods
Vegetables: Carrots, Broccoli, Green beans, Snow peas, Green leafy vegetables, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Squash, Fennel, Celeriac, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Peppers, Eggplant, Radishes, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Onions, Leeks, Spring onions, Celery, Pumpkin, Avocado, Brussels sprout,
Dairy: Milk (low fat), Yoghurts/cheese (without whey), Grains/cereals, Oatmeal, Brown rice
Lentils: Barley, Beans (kidney/chick peas/butter)
Fruits: Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Cantaloupe, Tomatoes

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eating my way through Queensland

Ok since my last post everything has gone up the creek.

I have been enjoying myself a little bit too much and suffering daily with belly aches.  The weird thing is that I go and do it all again the next day.  I simply can not eat cheese like the old days.  I live with two males who tend to eat cheese on everything.  All the Take-a-way is covered with cheese but its OK.

I will deal with it when I get home.  The weather has been lovely and for the first time ever I am going home with a tan.  When in Queensland I usually smother myself with factor 30 sun screen so I usually go home with a white zink covered skin with no tan- This time I have stuck with 30 on areas that I don't want to age or get damaged and 15 on everything else.  Its kind of weird growing up Factor 15 was like super strength and the factor you used that has now been replaced with factor 30 or even 50.  I know Tanning is not good for us but a little colour makes me feel like I have had a holiday and Vitamin D is a good thing, Right?

I am actually missing the gym and feel really sluggish as the days roll on.  I feel like a bloated puffer fish today and noticed my clothes are a little too tight.   I miss healthy foods.  Honestly there is no where around here that makes decent sushi or coffee.  Everything is super sized and covered with some sort of cream or deep fried.

I cant even drink the water up here as it gives me huge belly aches so we have had to buy boxed water.

So when we land back home to cold Melbourne tomorrow.  I am guessing I will be a good 5kgs heavier which most of it will be fluid retention from all this salty fatty food.

I am hanging for one of my stir fries, some sushi and a decent cafe latte.  But they will all have to wait until I have done a decent work out.   We are staying in a self contained Unit but with really crappy crappy cooking equipment.  Nothing is "Non-stick" the oven cant cook anything and while the BBQ is Ace you have to cook everything in oil so it doesn't stick.   I miss some of my home comforts.

One thing I am is pain free.  No knee pain, hip pain but I notice when I have been on the computer for more than 30-45 mins I get the neck pain.   It did take about a week for the hip pain to settle down so I will have to investigate what is causing all of this back pain when I exercise.  I thought having a break would make it easier to work out where the pain is coming from or what is causing it but I can clearly see that one problem is my laptop sitting on the table.  Its not ergo for my back and I am starting to wonder if my calf/knee problem might be caused from my new running shoes.  As I haven't worn them for over 10 days.

Who knows but I can tell you I miss gym and I miss some healthy eating.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I haven't had a chance to post before leaving for our holidays.

My last weigh in was 76kgs last weekend.  I am happy with that and really what else can I do but be Happy.

So I am on holidays and I have to admit that I am not really in control of my eating.  I am being as good as I can but with theme park visits and not being allowed to take our own food into the parks. I have tried to make good choices when I can but when I couldn't I have just gone with the flow and made sure that my next meal is a better choice with healthy food groups boxes all ticked.

I have had a few alcohol days since being here but honestly I am relaxing doing heaps of walking, swimming etc when I can.  I havent bothered going to gym and I am sure its probably going to be hard getting my groove when I get back into the gym next week.

Well must be off time to walk down to the cafe area for dinner.  Can't be bothered cooking tonight as we have been at Wet N wild all day.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I haven't posted for the past week as all of my posts sounded so down and dull when I tried to.

I figured it was best to not post anything if I had nothing nice to say. Haha.

I am still stuck at the 76 mark.  As of Saturday I was back down to 76 and I was sure when I weighed myself on Monday morning, I would be well and truly into the 75's.

So my shock horror when I opened my eyes and found 76.8kgs screaming back at me.  I got on and off the scales several times just to make sure, but there was no chance of it being wrong.

Last week I struggled big time, with a friendship that I have always known when I'm dieting is best to be put on the back burner.  While ultimately I am responsible for what goes into my mouth and how I allow peoples words to affect me, there was just some serious mental game playing going on.   Which after 3 weekends in a row, I believe had taken hold of my weight loss.  I started to doubt everything and I had so much negative stuff going on that the only way I could explain it was that I had been deprogrammed.   So I have slowly been reading my Craig Harper books and watched his DVD, reread my Michelle Bridges books and been kind to myself.   Gone back to doing what I know (apparently) works for me.

I find it hard because I want to talk about what I am doing and how great I feel.  I want to share this journey with others but its hard.  I worry that I am boring people, that I have become dull, because I get so much pleasure from exercising and that I do plan and think about my food more than most people do.  But I have to as I have watched counted and exercised for the past 19weeks and have only lost 13kilos (since 1/5/10).

My body is playing up in ever section of my large muscle group and just when I think we have sorted the problem, Bang! something else gives out.    It will be interesting to see what happens while I am on holidays.  If my body just needs some time out to fully rest and recover.

I read something the other day that explains that every time you workout/exercise you damage your muscles that is what caused the muscle tissue to bulk up blah blah blah but the bottom line is, your body needs time to repair before you go at it again.

While I thought the lovely new muscles in my thighs that I can feel, was part of the new Me process.  Where as in fact they shouldn't be this hard when I am resting and there is an underlying problem somewhere that is causing everything to seize up.

So while I am disappointed yet again that I didn't make my goal by my target date (remember my 12 week challenge final!).  There is still 5 days before I go away and might still be a chance that I make it to 75kgs.  This in all fairness always was my goal for Queensland to be at.

Other factors that are probably contributing to my very slow or no weight loss this month.

I have gone back on the Pill after 10 years and I believe this can cause weight gain.  I have a tumor on my inside girlie bits which is to be further investigated when I come back from holidays (Yes I am scared shit less) and the emotional crap that goes with it alone probably has a lot to do with no weight loss.

I have also been taking "Sculpt" women's protein shake.  I must admit its nice to drink and really good to have when your on the go after gym.  It can be used as a meal replacement with skim milk and its very filling and great for muscle recovery.  However it does have a whopping 200+ calories if your drinking it just as a snack.  I have tried to use it as a meal replacement a few times this week but I miss crunching on food.  The upside is that I have my energy levels back up again.  Downside is my weight has gone up not down.

Sleep again has been a huge issue and I plan on catching up on lots of it while on holidays.  At the moment I take half a prescription sleeping tablet, which I hate doing but my son is an awful sleeper, who wakes me several times a night and its the only way I can fall into a deep sleep quickly and go back to sleep after being woken.    Natural sleeping tables no longer work for me. However it is my goal while on holidays to stop taking them.  It will be interesting to see what happens weight loss wise when I have do medication going through my system.

So when I come back from holidays, it will be  8 weeks until Christmas.  So already my goal will be to in the 60's by then.  I figure at this weight now I only have 5kilos to lose but there will be for sure, holiday kilos to get rid of as well.    My plan for the holidays is to be as active as possible (we walk everywhere and take public transport) to keep eating well, with a few nights out at our favorite restaurants.   There is a gym close by so if its raining etc and I can bring myself to go into a new gym that I don't know anyone.  I will head off for some cardio as I do worry about my fitness dropping.  I know how I felt when I allowed myself to have 2 days off a few weeks ago it took nearly a week to get back into the swing of pushing myself again.

See I am so boring,  I am already planning but I guess thats the key.  Thinking about what I know I want and where I want to go for dinner etc.  Getting the exercise in and not throwing it all away just because I am on holidays.  I so don't want to have to lose weight that I have already lost before.  What would be the point of that.  Sure I can handle a kilo or two but anymore than that and I will be a nervous wreck.

So today Tuesday I have allowed myself to have the morning off from gym.  I am sore and will be going to physio later today.   Depending on how I feel after physio I will go off to gym tonight and do a light cardio.

I will use my holiday to recharge and start setting some new goals.  So who wants to join me for a 8 week cyber challenge when I get back?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm such a goose

I did aqua aerobics today and burnt a whopping probably 250 cals

I then went back and did a pump class and burnt a whopping 267 cals.

Honestly what a waste of 2 hours.  I burn 600 cals in around 45mins on an easy day doing cardio in the gym what was I thinking?

Plus my back is playing up again.  within 5mins of doing pump it all went up the creek.  So no more pump for me until we find what is the cause of all this pain.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I was blog surfing the other night (restaurant blogging) and found, this heart attack on a plate.
It's a beef burger, with 1/2 pound beef patty, shreeded pork, extra creaming coleslaw & fried onions.  I wont go into the rest, as  you maybe able to read it on the add.

So lets talk about what I eat these days as some people have asked me generally what I eat.
Now, I am no saint and the last two weekends have been evil for me and my diet. 

However, this is what I would have on a typical good day that has only had light or no exercise.


40grms of Albran Honey & almond flakes with 100mls of Pauls Skinny Milk and 1/4 teaspoon of sugar.
1 or 2 teas with a splash of skinny milk.   (Ceral/milk = 204 cals)  Tea's around 20 cals but possibly less.

Or - small can of baked beans (130 cals) whole grain bread (65 cals) & poached egg 70 cals.  Some saute'd mushrooms.  (This is my big breakfast) I would have this for brunch or if I am going to do a mid morning class at gym and need to get through the morning.  Or if I just feel like it.

Snacks - Cruskets (25cals) with a scrap of devondale light butter and vegimite/promite or light ham and tomato (not butter).
small banana, Nestle 97% free yogurt around 80cals.  Small tin of tuna on cruskets or water crackers.
Sushi if I am out (check cals first as they can vary in Cals from 90 - 250 per hand roll).
Cashew nuts.   I sometimes have a packet of "Mainland" extra tasty cheese and crackers they are the little mini ones that have 3 or 4 pieces of cheese and water crackers.  A packet is around 120 cals.  
I like Coles brand organic popcorn its in the chip isle of the supermarket (Coles) I like just the plain one as a treat or if I have had a hard training day.  Much better option than CC's or chocolate.

Choc paddlepops are a treat instead of chocolate.  I also like the Body Wise bars at 120 cals a quick snack when your on the run.

I also treat myself daily to a mug of coffee with a satchel of "Vanilla" cafemate.  My dear friend Ruey got me hooked on it and its so yummy at 40cals (with the coffee) I don't add sugar.

Goodies I use.

Dinner and lunch depends on what I have been doing.
Mostly for lunch its a stirfry with lots of green veggies and chicken around 120grms or a salad and ham sandwich with avocardo (around 20grms) about 50grms of ham a scrap of butter on one side or both if I skip the avocardo.  NO CHEESE!

Or a big chicken salad with aspargus, steamed beans just about anything that takes your fancy a cup of salads  is about 45cals.  I also have dry baked pumpkin, olives and use a fat free dressing or a dash of sweet chili with lime juice.

Sometimes for lunch I with make up an asian style salad and have it with a serve of "Birdseye" steamed fish with Thai style sauce.  Now I like to keep everything fresh and natural but sometimes I am busy, or just feel like something different, so having these steam fish things are OK it only has about 150cals its not, everyones choice of fish.  I dont mind it and when I am hungry I will eat just about anything.

Dinner is just about the same sort of thing sometimes I will have about 120grms of eye fillet now it doesnt look much but its all you really need so I buy the very very best cuts (just for me) BBQ some mushrooms and steamed veggies or salad.  Depending on how many calories I have burnt for the day I might add a small steamed potato or a small serve of "birdseye" Steakhouse chips (oven chips).

Some meals I have when I am wanting to eat what the rest of the family is having.  I make pita pizzas loaded up with light ham and lots of veggies etc.  20grms of pizza cheese is plenty and delish.

Or we like to eat "Woolworth's" brand organic beef burgers they are around 120/150cals (I would have to look it up) - I will have it with all the trimings and light bacon and cheese if I feel like it and I just wrap my burger in lettuce like a roll up.  I skip the roll.  However if you have burnt the calories and feel like a bun go for it. 

I also cook up chicken breast marinated in "Nando's Perri Perri sauce" and will make "Nando's style" chicken wraps either in pita or just lettuce (again depending on how many calories I have spare for the day).  I personally like it just in lettuce these days.  That way I might have some cheese or a some light bacon (not a fan of bacon anymore).  Its all about playing around with your calories.  

All my meals are based on my daily limit of 1300calories.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh my I had two days of no gym

& I survived plus I didn't put all the weight back on.

I must admit that I did eat a few things that I shouldn't have but I survived and it wasn't the end of all my hard work.

I like being able to listen to my body now and it had been screaming at me all week that I am doing way more calorie burning than food back into my body.   I am back up to 76.6kgs today but I feel alive again full of energy.  From Wednesday I had no energy and was burnt out.

I had a bonus day yesterday went to have my myotherpy but could only score a 30min deep tissue massage and when my session was over the next client hadn't turned up or cancelled so he gave me another 30mins on the house as Daryl had to keep his hands warm.  Oh my all I needed was the warm beach of Bali and a cocktail and I would have been in heaven.

By the time my husband came home from work I was struggling to get motivated to go to gym. I was happy to go but once I allowed myself to listen to my body and said "No lets have another day off" I feel amazing and today I woke up at 5.30am ready to start the day.  Dam the week before daylight saving starts too much sunlight way too early.

Anyway basically I guess this post being kind to yourself and that a day or two off gym or even off your diet doesn't mean its over.  I am back to eating well today and planning.  We have people over again today for the football grand final replay but I am going to go to gym once my hubby is home from work.

I am still focusing on being 74kgs by the 17th October and if I get lower than that it will be a bonus.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Training and nutrition

I think this week I have gone too low in my calories.

To say that I have gone a bit nuts in the gym and stuck to my 1200/1300 a bit obsessive would be an understatement.  We are only talking of 3 days straight of trying to lose the weight that should have come off the previous week plus the crap that I ate over the weekend.

With school holidays, being busy and having a child with ASD (Autism) I haven't been able to get to the shops or fruit shop on a daily basis if I am low on my foods that I need.  My son is impossible to take to the supermarket if its not on his daily schedule even trying to get out of the house to get milk is a nightmare if its not planned and negotiate for about 3 screaming hours.  It's just not worth the energy.

Anyway Today's post though my exhausted fog is about protein and take out type foods.

I adore sushi its my "treat" food and sushi should be treated like take-away food.  Are you surprised.  I was too until I found out how many calories and little protein it has in it.

Protein is what keeps our tummies full, burns faster calorie wise and feeds out muscles.  Its pretty important stuff.   So when I found out that my favorite Spicy Prawn sushi hand rolls had around 150 calories per roll with as little as 10gms of protein and a massive amount of carbs 40gms **Think white rice** its now my only for of take out.  Sure its much better for you than a Big Mac and fries.  3 hand rolls will always beat that.

But at nearly 500 calories for 3 rolls plus a skinny latte at 100 calories that's a huge lunch or snack calorie wise.  Salmon hand rolls are up around 180 calories.   With such a small amount of protein and the rice you would find yourself snacking again a few hours later.  Still its a much better choice if its your take out option.

My other quick meal is Weight watchers "Tuna pasta" Bake.  I use this when I am starving and too tired too cook or there is nothing else in the house.

Again last night I looked at the nutrition information and nearly fell over.  No wonder why I was hungry again a few hours after eating it.

A serving of this meal only has 15gms of protein - The average meal should be anywhere between 80 - 150grms for a women depending on the time of the day the meal is being eaten. Plus a whopping 46grms of carbs.

The other thing that I forgot to mention with both of the above meals is the sodium.  Sushi has vinegar and salt added to the final cooling process of the rice.  Then add Soy sauce.  Loads of water retaining fluid!   The same with the weight watchers meals.

Last night after gym I was really really flat - I know I hadn't been eating enough.  I had little energy and I hardly get hunger pains anymore so I am guessing this is what happens to me now.

So I threw in a small can of Tuna after making my weight watchers meal and felt full and so much better and the calories only went from 315 plus a small can of tuna to 385 still a much better option than greasy take away.

So for me today I have increased my calories to see if I am feeling better tomorrow.  My weigh yesterday dropped down to a 75.8kgs which was just an awesome feeling but I know it was due to the training and low carbs.  So today I've carb'd up  a bit - I think for my body that a -700 calories per day is all that my body can handle.  Anything less than that and I think I am going into a starvation mode.

I used to love Linda's arms.  10 years ago I wanted arms like this.  Actually i would still love to have arms like this and its on my wish list.   I am not sure my "Tuck shop" arm flab is going to firm up like that but I am on my way.  Just don't ask me to lift my arms its not a pretty sight. 

Some new goals that I have thought about since my little melt down from the weekend.

With summer just around the corner and then the festive season with its warm weather, BBQ's, drinking, social functions, drinking, Christmas day, Drinking and eating.  Have I mentioned drinking?

Anyway my goal is from now until Christmas which I think is around 14 weeks  (after this weekend) I am going to surround myself with like minded people who are going to support and understand my goals.

Honestly, We you are trying to get into shape and live a new life you can not have non supportive family and friends.   While I am going to enjoy myself and I guess without a doubt there will be days I will probably allow myself to enjoy a little too much.  I will be in control.  I will not allow others to control me and what I eat.

I think my true friends understand how hard this journey has been for me.  I probably could be loosing more weight per week with a bit more time and information at hand.  But it is about changing your life it is about revamping and in my case finding the old me.  The happy me with a skinny chick inside!.

I am happy to support anyone who wants to change but lets get serious for a moment.  I am not going to bullshit here.  If you are serious you have to be willing to change and its a lot of change, its good change.

Its no good saying that at Christmas time that my New years resolution is to lose weight.  Everyone including myself that i know never last more than about 30days.  I am already planning for Christmas, summer dinners etc.  This far in advance.  

My short goal for the next two weeks is to get back into planning my meals the day before and prepping the meals in the morning so that they are ready to grab from the fridge after gym etc.

Sure it takes extra work but its really a small amount for a better life.  It's a job in itself and I know that I am a stay at home mum and its easier for me.  But if your making kiddies lunches its not hard to pack a ham and salad sandwich for yourself or make an extra salad up when making dinner the previous night.  It will still be find the next day.  It all about planning for your better life. 

Tomorrow's goal.  Eat healthy and work out at the gym cause that's my job to keep myself fit and focused. No one else can do it for me. One life and one body.

So tell me what your short and long term goals are before Christmas!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Yay finally broke through the 77kgs mark.  Boy its been slow.  Very slow.  While I knew my weight loss would slow down I am still happy that its going down and not up.

So my goal is still to be atleast 75kgs by the 17th October.  Actually I should be less than that as I know going on holidays I will probably gain a "Little" weight.  Again hopefully I can keep it under control.

Not much to report since yesterdays post.

So I am heading off to gym tonight - I love going later at night as my heart rate goes up so quickly as my body is already warmed up.   I had a good run on the treadmil last night first time since I hurt my calf but I am paying for it today.

Well signing off today otherwise I will just waffle on.

Dealing with well meaning friends and situations.

I am feeling rather ticked off at the moment.

As of last weekend gone I had 3 weeks until my Queensland holiday.

It is also around 16 or 17 weeks since I started my weight loss journey.  With injuries and girly problems I have been stuck at or around 77kgs.  Which is still roughly 14kgs lost since the start of the challenge.  I should be 15/16kgs lighter.

So when it was grandfinal day and my good friend who's whole being evolves around food and socializing with food asked to come over for the day to watch the football.  I thought that after several text messages and phone calls I made it clear that I did not need "platters of food".  Sure there was loads of "healthy food" but it was calories I don't need.  Don't even get me started about bringing a bottle of wine over to share that this person had half a glass and yes of course i drank the rest of the bottle.

You don't go to an ex-drug addict with bag loads of drugs. (well I assume you don't).

I have an eating problem and don't see it any different.  Of course the grand final was a draw and they are coming back this weekend and already my friend has planned what she is bringing food wise.  She is bringing platters again with healthy food and salmon.  Now smoked salmon is fine but at 3pm I have already had my lunch and happy to wait for dinner and even work out my calories for the week so I can have some Thai take away.  Yes I am grumpy about the whole thing.  Yes only I can stop myself putting food in my mouth, yes only I can control the situation but there are times when I can't food is still an addiction to me and so is wine.

The downside was I was completely and utterly drained of any energy on Sunday and couldnt find the energy to go for a walk.  So that is it when it comes to wine etc Plus it tasted like utter crap.

Of course when you have a wine and are a bit tiddley you eat more than you should.

Yes I am a freaking diet bore but I was up 1.8kgs by the next day and have had to kick arse in the gym.

Ok enough of my rant.

Today my weight thanks to my weekend is up to 77.4kgs.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Being a diet bore.

Ahh my new life of slim means that I have probably become a diet bore.  I love being asked by my friends for ideas and help but I wonder if I have become a little bit boring.  I don't drink anymore and I don't eat crap and I'm not the life of the party.  I love going to gym and the buzz from all the extra energy. But I must say I think I am getting a little boring to be around.

I am also a Biggest loser drop out.  Due to a misunderstanding I had been deleted and cancelled from the Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge.  I had sent an email to find out if they had a cancellation policy as I had been feeling a little bit down from all of the negative talk from the newbies.  Which don't get me wrong is how we all start but I didn't need all the negative talk and as much as I was posting hoping to inspire people - I had zero people reply to my posts.   So I just emailed to find out if they had one while I took some time to think about the challenge and if it was what I really wanted.   Well the next email I got was "Your account has been cancelled and your forum information deleted".

Maybe it was a sign...................... I wish everyone on the challenge the very best on reaching the goals and getting on track for a better life.  It is amazing when the journey you have always dream come about.

Talking about amazing feelings.  Nothing in my life has every come close to the feeling of the day I gave birth to my son.  People often say their wedding day was their best day ever but mine was the day my son was born.  After being told I would never have a child without IVF and having many failed attempts to finally be a mother was and still is my best day ever.

Second to that was last weekend.  I had finally had enough of my clothes falling off.  I hit the shops and I was in the right frame of mind to go clothes shopping.  I don't know about you but if I am grumpy or frumpy there is no use going shopping for me.

Plus I had wanted to be at a size that I could walk into ANY shop and fit into a size that I have not been for a long time.  I think if I had walked into a shop and still been size 16 - I would have been dissappointed because I can fit into size 16 at Target. Remembering I was atleast a size 20 at Christmas just gone. Actually I stopped buying clothes if I couldn't squeeze into an 18.  I think I have about 3 items that are 20's. As I was just too ashamed to buy that size plus I would always start a diet and promise myself that I would get smaller. (Every weekend I would say it as well)......

So I hit Colardo and I could fit easily into their clothes.  Just last Christmas gone I couldnt fit into anything.  Walking into Witchery. Now I have never ever ventured into this place as it looks so nice and well tiny sized clothes.  I was over the moon when I fitted into size 14 and if I waited a few more weeks I probably will be their size 12.

It didnt stop there I went into shops that I would have been too embarresed previously to go into.  I always felt like the staff being the counter where thinking "Oh that fat chick doesnt stand a chance at fitting into Ourrr clothes".

It was the first time ever in my life that I went from shop to shop trying on clothes and leaving empty handed but happy.  Usually its is me leaving empty handed and feeling so miserable.

So then I went to Myers and tried on my old time favorites Country Road, Jag and Esprit.  Well I had a lovely lady who worked for Espirit at Myers come and help me out.  I had no idea what size I was let alone fit into their clothing.  Everything I picked up she told me I would need a smaller size.  Yes I laughed loud when she told me I would need a med or a size 12/14 but she was right and I am now the proud owner of a pair of Espirit jeans in 14 and they are slim line. I have never worn anything with "Slim" on the tag.

After my Sunday shopping adventure I was back at it on Monday. Just happy to try on clothing.

I am stuck this week on 77kgs and I have changed my goal of trying to reach 72kgs before we head to Queensland.  With me still being injured I doubt that I will loose 5kgs in four weeks but hey I can only try.

With school holidays here and lots of play dates I will have to be extra good and rely on family and friends for child minding so I can get to the gym for the next two weeks.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Obsessing & struggling with foods.

I have been really really hungry the past few days.  I am not sure if its due to boredom or that while I am still doing a reasonable amount of exercise its not enough to put me into a hungry coma  from being so exhausted that I don't have enough energy to think about eating.

Yesterday I did 1000 calories at the gym - I felt back on top of the world. I love that feeling. I didn't go out to even do more than 300 calories. I had even thought about not going as I was pretty exhausted and didnt want to put any more stress on my injuries.

A friend stopped and chatted with me for nearly 20mins while I was on the treadmill and I just kept upping the incline and before I knew it I had burnt over 300 cals. BUT I was so bloody hungry and grumpy.  I am fine for lunch, even afternoon but come dinner time If I don't eat pure protein like steak, chicken and veggies I feel like I havent eaten in months.

I made a home made pita pizza with ham and loads of salad goodies. It didn't feel like it even hit the side of my down sized tummy.   I went to the shopping centre after dinner and found myself standing outside of the sushi bar and a small skinny latte later and I felt slightly better.    I ended up eating cr

Followed by my little guy having gastro and getting very little sleep.  I stuck to bread carbs today simply because I was worried if I ended up with gastro that I didnt want to puke up my ceral as its the only one in 41 year that I enjoy.

I need to be more careful with my foods.  I am getting alot of picking and crap in without realise I am doing it.

I did weigh myself in my sleepiness this morning and after breakfast plus two cups of tea and found that I weighed in even lighter.  78kgs straight.  Of course now I am obsessing about what I might have weighed this morning if I hadn't eaten crap.  Then again I probably wouldn't have slept either because I was hungry.

So today I went for a walk and was really over the moon when I walked up a huge hill on my main road, a road that I have hardly ever walked in the 13 years we have lived here because simply to me it was an asthma attack waiting to happen.  The times I have dared myself to walk it, I have had to stop at least 3 times and the walk has taken over 40mins just to get up this hill.

Well I felt so good walking up this hill that I could have nearly jogged it. But I honestly didn't want to do that in fear of that crazy person who did think it funny to yell out from their car the last time I attempted this hill to call out and tell me " You need to move faster to get your fat arse moving".  Yes someone did that to me and that had emotional scared me for however long.  I am not sure if it was before having my son or after.

Today I was prepared with an I.pod blasting so I have no idea if I had a cheer squad or not.  I did however want to cheer a couple of older guys that were riding their bikes up this hill.  I was like I am going to do that one day. Hopefully I will achieve that goal soon.

I was really surprised that walking up this hill had my heart rate up around 140 and even 160 at one stage.  That is awesome and I will be doing this walk more often on my "Off Gym days".

So tonight I needed to relax and get this need to eat crap out and over.   I allowed myself two alcohol drinks (that's all I needed) and a large pack of my addiction "Red Rocks Deli rice chips" with 500 Cals for a huge pack - I am glad I burnt 600 calories on my walk today.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I can so feel 77 come on soon.  Please don't let me down body this week.

Another good day at the gym finally strong enough to get my heart rate pumping over 140. Even had it up to 150+ at one stage and that was on the treadmill.   I had the incline up a fair way still only half of what I would normally do but so so happy to be able to really push myself a little bit.

In my head for some reason I have always had the number 77 so I am really looking forward to kicking 78 good bye.

With a little over 5 weeks to my holiday I had made my goal 75kgs by then but I am now thinking 74kgs.  I know its only 1kgs but I figure that I won't be at the gym everyday and will probably put on a kilo or two while away (really hoping that I will actually come back lighter) but hey I can find a happy medium.

So my next goal is 77, 76, 75, 74kgs.

I can really see that if I keep this up I will be in the 60's by Christmas.   I got down to around 69kgs for my wedding (no I am so not fussed if I get in to my wedding dress). I've had a baby there is no way I am going to fit nicely into it.

So my goal is 68kgs by Christmas (to be reassed at any stage) 65kgs by January 2011.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back up and walking & 78.8kgs

I am finally walking around without limping.  It appears that I have another problem that has been the cause of all this unstable back, glut and leg problems.  When I run it cause everything to go haywire.  Yesterday I walked into the physio limping and came out walking.  She found a nerve that was pinching up under my armpit and when she worked on it to release it my leg came good.

It is still sore and Im a little scared to push myself just in case but today I did treadmill, bike and 5 mins of the cross trainer.  It hurt a little doing the cross trainer so I just left it at that for today.

Being very very careful of my calories in and weighed in today at 78.8kgs same as this time last week but I am ok with that seeing I have hardly done any hardcore cardio and was very very naughty food wise over the weekend.  So naughty that even I didnt track my calories.

This weeks pre-season challenge over at Michelle Bridges is cleaning out the pantry.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Working out calories needed

A few people have asked me how to work out how many calories our bodies need to lose weight etc.

Firstly you need to find your Basal Metabolic rate (BMR).
This BMR is how many calories our bodies need just to live each day.  The best way to work it out is via Michelle Bridges "tools"  BMR.

There is some technically way but its just easier to click on the above link.

Now of course this is not 100% its a bit like working out your B.M.I there's always other factors.  Like your muscle tone and how active you are during the day even before exercise.

Ok so for me mine is 1509 calories (bummer just realised mine has come down since losing some weight)

Now I am trying to follow a 1300 calorie per day diet.

As a rule of thumb.  To lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit. That means 1509-1300 (cal def of 209) already before doing any exercise.

Roughly per week to lose half a kilo you need to by the end of the week have a calorie deficit of 3500 calories (or 7000 cals to lose 1kg).

So if I did no exercise for one week and kept to 1300 calories per day I would have 209x 7 = 1463.  So I would probably, not lose too much weight.   Although in the first week or two of starting a diet I probably would because God only know how many calories I used to consume.

But back on track.

So basically my days look like this 

BMR 1509
Diet    1300

 Then add my exercise calories as a negative to the 209+ 1000 = 1209  if I roughly do this for 7 days I would lose around 1kg a week.  eg: 1209 x 7 = 8463 Cal def.

"Calories in - Calories out = Calorie Surplus or Calorie deficit" 
*taken from Michelle Bridges crunch time book".

I found it really hard to find this formula anywhere on the Internet.  When I met Stewart and Amanda from Biggest Loser they told me you need to know this formula to help you achieve your goals.  So I was really surprised when i re-read my Michelle Bridges Crunch time book that I found it right there in front of me. Dooh!!!!

Even while typing this I can see why I am not loosing the 1kg per week anymore that it has dropped back to around 800grms.  Simply because I am only going to gym 5 days a week so I am only getting a deficit of 5000 calories = 3/4 of a kilo.  See it does work.

By having a my heart rate monitor that works out my calories while I am working out.  I find that it makes me push myself just a little bit more.   I look at it and if its only around 400 calories I know I need to push myself a little harder or change cardio equipment.  I would be lost with out it.

If you don't have a heart rate monitor you can roughly work out your exercise time on websites like CalorieKing

I am pretty sure its a free site now to join up and they also have a free diary that you can use online.  I purchased their computer package years ago which I still use however I like having my paper diary in front of me as then I don't forget to write things down.  I found with the computer I had to log on and then fluff around and getting side tracked at the same time.   So I use both as I love how CK works out the calories of the food you are eating.  Its a great tracking tool.

Also if your training in a gym.  As someone to show you how to use the in built calorie & heart rate information.  Most have a function that you put in your weight and age.  Take your diary with you and jot down how long your on a machine for how many calories you have burnt.

Sorry about my rushed posts today - My son is home "Apparently" sick and he is asking 99 questions while I'm typing.

Please feel free to email me or catch me on Facebook if you need to ask any questions.

I am still hopping around after injuring myself.  I am not beating myself up about it and have used the time to make new plans and goals.  This week I will take things a bit slower and get some swimming in once my Physio says its OK.  I managed some bike riding and weights yesterday.

Honestly its the first time in years that I have been busting to get to gym.  I am missing it as its just part of my daily routine now and I feel out of routine.



Working out at week 15.

A few people have asked me how I work out getting a neg calorie balance.

Now before I go further I must make it clear that while burning 1000+ calories at the gym/exercise.  If you do it daily from my experience three things can happen and they have happened to me.

1:  Over training of muscles and end up with injuries or sickness due to weakening your immune system.
2: Putting your body into starvation mode no weight loss
3: Big weight loss or number 2.

So you really need to work out how much is OK with you without hurting yourself.  The day before I torn my calf muscle I was having a D & M with my Personal Trainer and he voiced his concerns to me about my cardio training and burning 1000+ in a gym session.   I was chatting with him about how I was expecting huge weight loss from training like this.  Don't get me wrong I am happy with 1kgs + a week.  I just thought exercising like this, like how the contestants do on Biggest Loser I would be losing like 8kgs a week.

The bottom line is I wasn't eating enough to keep my metabolising running.  It was simply out of fuel.  Sure my body is getting leaner but that is no good when I end up hurting myself or getting yet another cold.  I hope this all makes sense and your welcome to contact me with any questions.

So My goal is to train really hard say every 3rd day (as per my trainers advise) Now knowing me and how I love to keep pushing myself it will probably be every 2nd day.  YOU MUST GIVE YOUR BODY A GOOD 24/36HRS OF REST FOR IT TO RECOVER AFTER HUGE CALORIE BURNING SESSIONS.  You can still exercise the next day but just not as hard.  

For example for me I warm up for 5-10mins treadmill after this time I then start increasing the incline every 2mins and up the level by 2 degrees.  This is called interval training and it gets your heart beat going.  I walk at a fast pace but as the incline goes up and actually slow my walking speed down.  By doing this it makes your heart (cardio) work harder therefore burning more calories quicker in less time.  I never hold onto the sides of the treadmill and I keep going until I know I need a break (usually after the little voice in my heads says "Felicity drop it back this is getting too hard") I never give in the first time my brain starts being giving me naughty thoughts.

I then drop the incline back down and up the walking speed for a few minutes and then I go thought the whole process again a few times.  Its an amazing quick way to get your heart rate up to that of someone who is jogging without the stress to your body.  Its a great calorie burn as well much quicker than just plodding along on the tread mil like your out for a Sunday walk.    While walking is great if its not at a higher heart rate level you are not going to burn calories.  Especially if your looking to lose weight at a reasonable pace.

*I am not trained in fitness (although its is something I would like to do) or diet*  This is just what has been working for me so far with the help of my Personal trainers and stuff that read.

OK after treadmill I then hit the bike and keep my heart rate up.  Bike is fantastic for this I just don't have to really really work as hard to keep my heart rate up.  Bike is usually around another 20mins and I generally just push myself to keep my heart rate at a level that I know is burning calories for me its 145-155beats.  Sometimes I will ride at nice pace and then I will increase the intensity on the bike and ride flat out for 1 mins have a rest for 30sec and repeat for about 5mins or until my brain starts to wonder off.

***PLEASE REMEMBER- I have been working out now for 15 weeks*** Please don't go out and try this in your first few weeks of training.  You will lower your immune system and get sick.   Just read my earlier posts to see.

Then I will hit the Cross trainer ( I used to hate this machine) but with right head space its the one I love the most now.  Its a cross between a stepper, boxing type movement and snow skiing.   I will do this for at least 45mins.   If I do a full on cardio workout at the gym it is around 1hr & 15mins and I can hit about 1000 calories.

If I spend more time on the bike and Cross trainer & less on the treadmill I will achieve 1000calories a lot quicker, therefore less time spent at the gym.  Please please please remember my fitness is at a different rate now.  While I am still overweight the skinny chick inside is a lot fitter and slowly getting out of this fat suit.

Where I was going wrong was Doing my weights workout after warming up and only burning a few hundred calories.  I would feel disheartened so I would then go and do cardio for another hour to achieve 1000calories.    At the moment, while I feel great doing it.  I just don't think truthfully I need to push myself so far, as I have not been seeing any results other than getting really firm and seeing more muscles.  It does feel nice to feel and see muscle - I am not seeing a loss on the scales.