Monday, September 6, 2010

Working out calories needed

A few people have asked me how to work out how many calories our bodies need to lose weight etc.

Firstly you need to find your Basal Metabolic rate (BMR).
This BMR is how many calories our bodies need just to live each day.  The best way to work it out is via Michelle Bridges "tools"  BMR.

There is some technically way but its just easier to click on the above link.

Now of course this is not 100% its a bit like working out your B.M.I there's always other factors.  Like your muscle tone and how active you are during the day even before exercise.

Ok so for me mine is 1509 calories (bummer just realised mine has come down since losing some weight)

Now I am trying to follow a 1300 calorie per day diet.

As a rule of thumb.  To lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit. That means 1509-1300 (cal def of 209) already before doing any exercise.

Roughly per week to lose half a kilo you need to by the end of the week have a calorie deficit of 3500 calories (or 7000 cals to lose 1kg).

So if I did no exercise for one week and kept to 1300 calories per day I would have 209x 7 = 1463.  So I would probably, not lose too much weight.   Although in the first week or two of starting a diet I probably would because God only know how many calories I used to consume.

But back on track.

So basically my days look like this 

BMR 1509
Diet    1300

 Then add my exercise calories as a negative to the 209+ 1000 = 1209  if I roughly do this for 7 days I would lose around 1kg a week.  eg: 1209 x 7 = 8463 Cal def.

"Calories in - Calories out = Calorie Surplus or Calorie deficit" 
*taken from Michelle Bridges crunch time book".

I found it really hard to find this formula anywhere on the Internet.  When I met Stewart and Amanda from Biggest Loser they told me you need to know this formula to help you achieve your goals.  So I was really surprised when i re-read my Michelle Bridges Crunch time book that I found it right there in front of me. Dooh!!!!

Even while typing this I can see why I am not loosing the 1kg per week anymore that it has dropped back to around 800grms.  Simply because I am only going to gym 5 days a week so I am only getting a deficit of 5000 calories = 3/4 of a kilo.  See it does work.

By having a my heart rate monitor that works out my calories while I am working out.  I find that it makes me push myself just a little bit more.   I look at it and if its only around 400 calories I know I need to push myself a little harder or change cardio equipment.  I would be lost with out it.

If you don't have a heart rate monitor you can roughly work out your exercise time on websites like CalorieKing

I am pretty sure its a free site now to join up and they also have a free diary that you can use online.  I purchased their computer package years ago which I still use however I like having my paper diary in front of me as then I don't forget to write things down.  I found with the computer I had to log on and then fluff around and getting side tracked at the same time.   So I use both as I love how CK works out the calories of the food you are eating.  Its a great tracking tool.

Also if your training in a gym.  As someone to show you how to use the in built calorie & heart rate information.  Most have a function that you put in your weight and age.  Take your diary with you and jot down how long your on a machine for how many calories you have burnt.

Sorry about my rushed posts today - My son is home "Apparently" sick and he is asking 99 questions while I'm typing.

Please feel free to email me or catch me on Facebook if you need to ask any questions.

I am still hopping around after injuring myself.  I am not beating myself up about it and have used the time to make new plans and goals.  This week I will take things a bit slower and get some swimming in once my Physio says its OK.  I managed some bike riding and weights yesterday.

Honestly its the first time in years that I have been busting to get to gym.  I am missing it as its just part of my daily routine now and I feel out of routine.



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