Monday, September 27, 2010

Dealing with well meaning friends and situations.

I am feeling rather ticked off at the moment.

As of last weekend gone I had 3 weeks until my Queensland holiday.

It is also around 16 or 17 weeks since I started my weight loss journey.  With injuries and girly problems I have been stuck at or around 77kgs.  Which is still roughly 14kgs lost since the start of the challenge.  I should be 15/16kgs lighter.

So when it was grandfinal day and my good friend who's whole being evolves around food and socializing with food asked to come over for the day to watch the football.  I thought that after several text messages and phone calls I made it clear that I did not need "platters of food".  Sure there was loads of "healthy food" but it was calories I don't need.  Don't even get me started about bringing a bottle of wine over to share that this person had half a glass and yes of course i drank the rest of the bottle.

You don't go to an ex-drug addict with bag loads of drugs. (well I assume you don't).

I have an eating problem and don't see it any different.  Of course the grand final was a draw and they are coming back this weekend and already my friend has planned what she is bringing food wise.  She is bringing platters again with healthy food and salmon.  Now smoked salmon is fine but at 3pm I have already had my lunch and happy to wait for dinner and even work out my calories for the week so I can have some Thai take away.  Yes I am grumpy about the whole thing.  Yes only I can stop myself putting food in my mouth, yes only I can control the situation but there are times when I can't food is still an addiction to me and so is wine.

The downside was I was completely and utterly drained of any energy on Sunday and couldnt find the energy to go for a walk.  So that is it when it comes to wine etc Plus it tasted like utter crap.

Of course when you have a wine and are a bit tiddley you eat more than you should.

Yes I am a freaking diet bore but I was up 1.8kgs by the next day and have had to kick arse in the gym.

Ok enough of my rant.

Today my weight thanks to my weekend is up to 77.4kgs.

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