Friday, September 10, 2010


I can so feel 77 come on soon.  Please don't let me down body this week.

Another good day at the gym finally strong enough to get my heart rate pumping over 140. Even had it up to 150+ at one stage and that was on the treadmill.   I had the incline up a fair way still only half of what I would normally do but so so happy to be able to really push myself a little bit.

In my head for some reason I have always had the number 77 so I am really looking forward to kicking 78 good bye.

With a little over 5 weeks to my holiday I had made my goal 75kgs by then but I am now thinking 74kgs.  I know its only 1kgs but I figure that I won't be at the gym everyday and will probably put on a kilo or two while away (really hoping that I will actually come back lighter) but hey I can find a happy medium.

So my next goal is 77, 76, 75, 74kgs.

I can really see that if I keep this up I will be in the 60's by Christmas.   I got down to around 69kgs for my wedding (no I am so not fussed if I get in to my wedding dress). I've had a baby there is no way I am going to fit nicely into it.

So my goal is 68kgs by Christmas (to be reassed at any stage) 65kgs by January 2011.

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