Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back up and walking & 78.8kgs

I am finally walking around without limping.  It appears that I have another problem that has been the cause of all this unstable back, glut and leg problems.  When I run it cause everything to go haywire.  Yesterday I walked into the physio limping and came out walking.  She found a nerve that was pinching up under my armpit and when she worked on it to release it my leg came good.

It is still sore and Im a little scared to push myself just in case but today I did treadmill, bike and 5 mins of the cross trainer.  It hurt a little doing the cross trainer so I just left it at that for today.

Being very very careful of my calories in and weighed in today at 78.8kgs same as this time last week but I am ok with that seeing I have hardly done any hardcore cardio and was very very naughty food wise over the weekend.  So naughty that even I didnt track my calories.

This weeks pre-season challenge over at Michelle Bridges is cleaning out the pantry.

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