Thursday, September 30, 2010

Training and nutrition

I think this week I have gone too low in my calories.

To say that I have gone a bit nuts in the gym and stuck to my 1200/1300 a bit obsessive would be an understatement.  We are only talking of 3 days straight of trying to lose the weight that should have come off the previous week plus the crap that I ate over the weekend.

With school holidays, being busy and having a child with ASD (Autism) I haven't been able to get to the shops or fruit shop on a daily basis if I am low on my foods that I need.  My son is impossible to take to the supermarket if its not on his daily schedule even trying to get out of the house to get milk is a nightmare if its not planned and negotiate for about 3 screaming hours.  It's just not worth the energy.

Anyway Today's post though my exhausted fog is about protein and take out type foods.

I adore sushi its my "treat" food and sushi should be treated like take-away food.  Are you surprised.  I was too until I found out how many calories and little protein it has in it.

Protein is what keeps our tummies full, burns faster calorie wise and feeds out muscles.  Its pretty important stuff.   So when I found out that my favorite Spicy Prawn sushi hand rolls had around 150 calories per roll with as little as 10gms of protein and a massive amount of carbs 40gms **Think white rice** its now my only for of take out.  Sure its much better for you than a Big Mac and fries.  3 hand rolls will always beat that.

But at nearly 500 calories for 3 rolls plus a skinny latte at 100 calories that's a huge lunch or snack calorie wise.  Salmon hand rolls are up around 180 calories.   With such a small amount of protein and the rice you would find yourself snacking again a few hours later.  Still its a much better choice if its your take out option.

My other quick meal is Weight watchers "Tuna pasta" Bake.  I use this when I am starving and too tired too cook or there is nothing else in the house.

Again last night I looked at the nutrition information and nearly fell over.  No wonder why I was hungry again a few hours after eating it.

A serving of this meal only has 15gms of protein - The average meal should be anywhere between 80 - 150grms for a women depending on the time of the day the meal is being eaten. Plus a whopping 46grms of carbs.

The other thing that I forgot to mention with both of the above meals is the sodium.  Sushi has vinegar and salt added to the final cooling process of the rice.  Then add Soy sauce.  Loads of water retaining fluid!   The same with the weight watchers meals.

Last night after gym I was really really flat - I know I hadn't been eating enough.  I had little energy and I hardly get hunger pains anymore so I am guessing this is what happens to me now.

So I threw in a small can of Tuna after making my weight watchers meal and felt full and so much better and the calories only went from 315 plus a small can of tuna to 385 still a much better option than greasy take away.

So for me today I have increased my calories to see if I am feeling better tomorrow.  My weigh yesterday dropped down to a 75.8kgs which was just an awesome feeling but I know it was due to the training and low carbs.  So today I've carb'd up  a bit - I think for my body that a -700 calories per day is all that my body can handle.  Anything less than that and I think I am going into a starvation mode.

I used to love Linda's arms.  10 years ago I wanted arms like this.  Actually i would still love to have arms like this and its on my wish list.   I am not sure my "Tuck shop" arm flab is going to firm up like that but I am on my way.  Just don't ask me to lift my arms its not a pretty sight. 

Some new goals that I have thought about since my little melt down from the weekend.

With summer just around the corner and then the festive season with its warm weather, BBQ's, drinking, social functions, drinking, Christmas day, Drinking and eating.  Have I mentioned drinking?

Anyway my goal is from now until Christmas which I think is around 14 weeks  (after this weekend) I am going to surround myself with like minded people who are going to support and understand my goals.

Honestly, We you are trying to get into shape and live a new life you can not have non supportive family and friends.   While I am going to enjoy myself and I guess without a doubt there will be days I will probably allow myself to enjoy a little too much.  I will be in control.  I will not allow others to control me and what I eat.

I think my true friends understand how hard this journey has been for me.  I probably could be loosing more weight per week with a bit more time and information at hand.  But it is about changing your life it is about revamping and in my case finding the old me.  The happy me with a skinny chick inside!.

I am happy to support anyone who wants to change but lets get serious for a moment.  I am not going to bullshit here.  If you are serious you have to be willing to change and its a lot of change, its good change.

Its no good saying that at Christmas time that my New years resolution is to lose weight.  Everyone including myself that i know never last more than about 30days.  I am already planning for Christmas, summer dinners etc.  This far in advance.  

My short goal for the next two weeks is to get back into planning my meals the day before and prepping the meals in the morning so that they are ready to grab from the fridge after gym etc.

Sure it takes extra work but its really a small amount for a better life.  It's a job in itself and I know that I am a stay at home mum and its easier for me.  But if your making kiddies lunches its not hard to pack a ham and salad sandwich for yourself or make an extra salad up when making dinner the previous night.  It will still be find the next day.  It all about planning for your better life. 

Tomorrow's goal.  Eat healthy and work out at the gym cause that's my job to keep myself fit and focused. No one else can do it for me. One life and one body.

So tell me what your short and long term goals are before Christmas!

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