Sunday, September 5, 2010

A little challenge to get things started for this month.

This morning I received my daily motivation email from Craig Harper and the following is copied from it.  Thanks Craig.

Here’s something you might want to copy and put on your fridge (pantry, forehead) for a month or ten.

I will not eat food I don’t need.

I will not reward myself with food.

I will not medicate with food.

I will not allow situations, circumstances or other people to influence or dictate the way I eat.

I will not rationalise poor eating.

I will not be a food martyr; I will simply do what I need to.

I will not lie to myself or others about my eating behaviours.

I will not eat in secret.

I will not repeat the mistakes of my past.

I will not allow my mind or emotions to sabotage my physical potential.

I will eat consciously.

1 comment:

  1. Very good, and very apt for me. Thanks for sharing Felicity. BTW, you are doing fabulously with your weight loss..well done! x