Friday, September 3, 2010

The next 12 weeks.

As I have posted previously I have now joined the Michelle Bridges Body Transformation 12 week challenge. This will be the 3rd round and I have seen the amazing results that you can get for putting the effort in.  I know its what I need and while I am not there to win prizes (you can) I am using the challenge to keep myself in line and met people that are traveling the same journey and be inspired by others and hopefully I can inspire other people as well.

So I thought I would use this post for some of the things I love a the moment and hope you might find them interesting as well.

You will find Michelle challenge here

My daily motivation inspiration comes from Craig Harper.  If you sign up you can receive daily motivation emails.  Trust me if you like no BS and are really really ready to lose weight this guy is awesome.

I have the DVD and his books.  Worth getting.

I also can't live without my food and exercise diary(The red book below).  I like this one as it has room for writing down your feelings and challenges. Even if you have a bad day - Write it down, as you are only lying to yourself if you don't. Even if you have a bad food meal just make the next meal a good one.  Writing everything down also shows if your not eating enough or too much of the wrong foods and the times you get hungry.

Adro and Michelle's books for inspiration and ideas.

Simply too good to be true cook books love these as they have low cal recipes that the whole family can enjoy and they all can be frozen.  Once I cooked I divide it up into servings and freeze what we are not going to eat.  This stops you from going back for seconds & gives me another meal in the freezer.  Oh and all of her recipes are good hearty size servings.  Annette has just released book 6 which is also a 12 week food challenge - I am hoping to get a copy but it will have to wait a while at $28.

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