Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm out injured

Last night was our final super work out and finale for the gyms 12 week challenge.

I had a rest day from the gym on Wednesday and went back on Thursday full steam ahead.  I finally got my head back in the right place from feeling a little flat after Tuesday. 

I also joined the Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge and I am so excited and have met so many lovely people online already.

Anyway to cut a long story short.  I was on the cross trainer and again I was pushing myself to do 1000 calories getting a little tired and I pushed the wrong way just slightly but enough that I thought to myself "that didn't feel good".

At the end of my session my PT said that I had been working out at a very high level and probably needed to drop it back a little bit as I will end up over training and hurt myself.  Dooh bring on Friday morning and I pulled up really sore.  Like a dog limping when they have a thorn in their paw.   Loaded up on pain killers did some stretching and felt fine.  Decided to Spring clean the house and not train during the day so that I would be ready for the super challenge at 6.30pm.    Went to gym warmed up no problems feeling on top of the world.   Went out to challenge area and started to cool down a little bit.  When the challenge started we had to warm up "again" and I started to do a slow jog and "snap" it was sickening.  I knew straight away that I had done something serious. 

Holding back the tears I went off to try and stretch it out and tried to walk on it and collapsed.  With all my might I tried so hard not to show how bloody upset I was.  Some of the trainers came over to help me out. Thank goodness I got my legs waxed this week as the poor young guys helping me out would have got a shook if they had seen my hair winter bear legs of last week.  Everyone was lovely Beate who has been my inspiration and the lady that put the challenge together came over and gave me a hug and that's when I lost it.  I know she felt the same way and even with her amazing words of inspiration I felt like crap.

So I am off to go to physio and then off to Target to get myself some new "smaller size" swimmers as I will just have to rethink my exercise programme for a few weeks until I can get myself back to walking.

Its not going to stop me but I was so looking forward to doing last nights challenge to see how fit and how far I had come in such a small time.  Honestly 12 weeks goes so fast even faster when your head is in the right place and your into a fun exercise routine.

Oh and I am now down to 78.8kgs.  Got to love that!

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