Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Being a diet bore.

Ahh my new life of slim means that I have probably become a diet bore.  I love being asked by my friends for ideas and help but I wonder if I have become a little bit boring.  I don't drink anymore and I don't eat crap and I'm not the life of the party.  I love going to gym and the buzz from all the extra energy. But I must say I think I am getting a little boring to be around.

I am also a Biggest loser drop out.  Due to a misunderstanding I had been deleted and cancelled from the Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge.  I had sent an email to find out if they had a cancellation policy as I had been feeling a little bit down from all of the negative talk from the newbies.  Which don't get me wrong is how we all start but I didn't need all the negative talk and as much as I was posting hoping to inspire people - I had zero people reply to my posts.   So I just emailed to find out if they had one while I took some time to think about the challenge and if it was what I really wanted.   Well the next email I got was "Your account has been cancelled and your forum information deleted".

Maybe it was a sign...................... I wish everyone on the challenge the very best on reaching the goals and getting on track for a better life.  It is amazing when the journey you have always dream come about.

Talking about amazing feelings.  Nothing in my life has every come close to the feeling of the day I gave birth to my son.  People often say their wedding day was their best day ever but mine was the day my son was born.  After being told I would never have a child without IVF and having many failed attempts to finally be a mother was and still is my best day ever.

Second to that was last weekend.  I had finally had enough of my clothes falling off.  I hit the shops and I was in the right frame of mind to go clothes shopping.  I don't know about you but if I am grumpy or frumpy there is no use going shopping for me.

Plus I had wanted to be at a size that I could walk into ANY shop and fit into a size that I have not been for a long time.  I think if I had walked into a shop and still been size 16 - I would have been dissappointed because I can fit into size 16 at Target. Remembering I was atleast a size 20 at Christmas just gone. Actually I stopped buying clothes if I couldn't squeeze into an 18.  I think I have about 3 items that are 20's. As I was just too ashamed to buy that size plus I would always start a diet and promise myself that I would get smaller. (Every weekend I would say it as well)......

So I hit Colardo and I could fit easily into their clothes.  Just last Christmas gone I couldnt fit into anything.  Walking into Witchery. Now I have never ever ventured into this place as it looks so nice and well tiny sized clothes.  I was over the moon when I fitted into size 14 and if I waited a few more weeks I probably will be their size 12.

It didnt stop there I went into shops that I would have been too embarresed previously to go into.  I always felt like the staff being the counter where thinking "Oh that fat chick doesnt stand a chance at fitting into Ourrr clothes".

It was the first time ever in my life that I went from shop to shop trying on clothes and leaving empty handed but happy.  Usually its is me leaving empty handed and feeling so miserable.

So then I went to Myers and tried on my old time favorites Country Road, Jag and Esprit.  Well I had a lovely lady who worked for Espirit at Myers come and help me out.  I had no idea what size I was let alone fit into their clothing.  Everything I picked up she told me I would need a smaller size.  Yes I laughed loud when she told me I would need a med or a size 12/14 but she was right and I am now the proud owner of a pair of Espirit jeans in 14 and they are slim line. I have never worn anything with "Slim" on the tag.

After my Sunday shopping adventure I was back at it on Monday. Just happy to try on clothing.

I am stuck this week on 77kgs and I have changed my goal of trying to reach 72kgs before we head to Queensland.  With me still being injured I doubt that I will loose 5kgs in four weeks but hey I can only try.

With school holidays here and lots of play dates I will have to be extra good and rely on family and friends for child minding so I can get to the gym for the next two weeks.

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  1. I'm really sorry to hear that you were cancelled from 12wbt and that you felt you weren't getting the support on the forums. Have you tried emailing them to explain and see if you can 'get back in'?

    On a side note, I love, love LOVE Witchery. Like you I've always been to scared to go in there until I bought a size 14 dress on sale the other day.