Friday, January 14, 2011

15th Jan 2001 - 80kgs.

I have been a bit lost with the whole eating and exercise thing.  I was allowing too much doubt to fill rubbish back into my head.  I am having a huge and I mean huge, hard time with my son and his behaviour at the moment.  Up until this week it has been a struggle to get out of the house with him as its just too much hard work.

Lovely Jacqui chatted with me on Facebook and said that she was putting her daughter in to the gym creche and I decided to bite the bullet and put Brodie in.  In the past, it has been a real hit and miss with Brodie and the creche.   The first day was OK the second was much better.

By Brodie going to the creche and it allowed me to get into the gym for some me time. It was a real push to find the energy and while there Jacquie and Adam had a little chat and it helped to make me feel more motivated to get back on track.  I managed to twice this week get to gym and do some pretty good calorie burning considering, I wasn't really pushing myself.

So I am glad that a simple conversation from Jacqui made me pull my head in and get my butt off to gym.

Weight loss is never ending.  Just when I thought that I had it in the bag. I hit a few speed bumps and needed to take some time to look back over my food diary and remind myself of the yummy foods that I haven't had for a while and go out and make them and of course enjoy them.

I am going to try and stick with whole foods again and trying to stay off the wine. Haha!

Even with 2 days of eating well and exercising - I feel more positive again and more able to keep eating the right foods. My weight is still through the roof but its simply because I am still not tracking my food and calorie intake into my diary.  I need to stop eating food that I can not easily workout the calorie amount or find how many calories are in the food.

My plan is to get through the school holidays, keeping up with my exercise and eating.  Then the day school goes back, start training and setting some goals again.  I am still thinking about joining WW but will wait and see what more people think about it before joining.

My weight was up at 80.8kgs yesterday - Thankfully its down to 80kgs today.  It does make me want to cry that I am back into the 80's and I need to work on that this week and allow for meals out this week.  Getting to the gym everyday.  Although I didn't make it today - I did go swimming with my little guy for a good hour and a half. So that will help count out a few calories for tonights dinner out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

6th JAN 2011

I ran - Yes I ran and I am not screaming with too much pain today.

I am so freaking excited and wondering if my poor old body just needed some rest from massive exercise routines that I had been doing in 2010.  Who know but boy it feels so freaking good to be able to kick some of my fat arse at the gym.

I have been eating well but again slack on my diary.  Everything I read says 25% blah blah blah of people who fill out a food and exercise diary lose more weigh.  I know it works, so why do I flipping forget to do it every day.

I was surprised today when I got on the scales that I hadn't suddenly lost 4 kilos but had actually gone up. blah, Nothing I can do about that - I now know that muscle and water from training can do very strange things to those naughty scales.  My clothes fit better today, even after they had come off the clothes line from being freshly washed.  Snug like clothes are after a wash, but still comfy..  I will weigh in next week sometimes and see who things are going.

I'm going to head down to the beach for a few days.  Get some walking time, swimming time and some me time in.

Be back soon xxx

Sunday, January 2, 2011

3rd Jan 2011

When I started writing this blog.  I had clear ideas and goals of where I wanted to be.

I never guessed in a million years that things could really jump out and throw a spanner in the works.

Well Christmas is over. My baby turned 7 yesterday and its the New Year and time to set some challenges for the year and some clear goals.  Although January is still a busy month for us as both sides of my family parents have birthdays and a few kiddies as well.  I can get through January without gaining anymore weight. I can get through January and actually lose weight.  I have done it before!

So here are a few that come to mind and I will keep adding to them as I think of more.

Heath & Fitness 2011

Run or walk in a Fun Run.
Get back into a eating well & exercising routine.
Fill out my food diary right down to the last calorie - Daily!
If I have had no success with reducing weight again on my own. Join WW.
Get out into the garden more 
Complete the 1000 steps at Ferntree Gully.
Do at least one boot camp at Wonga Park.
Ride my bike weekly (once its fixed)
Drink more water and less tea. 
Try new low fat recipes.
Lose 20kgs 
Buy size 10 clothes.
Buy a dress
Do Pilate's a minimum of once a week
Complete another 12 week challenge.
Lose 4 kilos by February 2011.
To be completely hip, back, shoulder free of pain.
To have found out and resolved why I have this pain.
by the 31st December be at my goal weight and maintaining it. 56-57kgs

Other 2011
Live more frugal with less waste
Get a job.
Read 10 books
Learn how to operate Photoshop elements 9 completely
Complete some crafting hobbies
Find something that I can make or do to sell online.
Look at completing a course in Fitness
Complete a course to further my career
Make more phone calls to friends or family (I have a phobia of talking on the phone).
Get to the City more and explore it.
Go to one fancy restaurant child free with my husband.
Add more photos and make my blog more fun & resourceful for weight loss readers.

OK so that's a start.  I can think of hundreds more that I want to add and will depending on what the out come of the investigations into my back & hip pain. 

Weight yesterday 2nd Jan 80.2kg
Today 3rd Jan 79.2kgs 

 I made it to gym yesterday it was a hard slog to get through 45mins but felt so much better for it and promptly fell asleep at 9pm.  I didn't wake today feeling full of energy.  Still feeling exhausted and flat so I am spending the day cleaning the house and getting the house organised.  I find I can not focus properly with a messy house and not knowing where things are in my house.  Plus the extra calorie burn is good. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st of Jan

Lots going on here.

Hoping to get to gym a few times this week and taking it slowly.

Lots of goals that I would like to achieve.  Lots of challenges I want to set myself which I will post later.

I am no longer a fan of New Years resolutions but for me I do want to refocus and get back on the wagon.  All of my challenges sadly can not be set until I have had my MRI. CT scans etc to find out what is causing me my back and hip pain.  But still I can so some exercise and I can get back to eating properly and counting my calories.

79.4kgs. Yikes! Not good. I hate feeling so bloated.