Thursday, January 6, 2011

6th JAN 2011

I ran - Yes I ran and I am not screaming with too much pain today.

I am so freaking excited and wondering if my poor old body just needed some rest from massive exercise routines that I had been doing in 2010.  Who know but boy it feels so freaking good to be able to kick some of my fat arse at the gym.

I have been eating well but again slack on my diary.  Everything I read says 25% blah blah blah of people who fill out a food and exercise diary lose more weigh.  I know it works, so why do I flipping forget to do it every day.

I was surprised today when I got on the scales that I hadn't suddenly lost 4 kilos but had actually gone up. blah, Nothing I can do about that - I now know that muscle and water from training can do very strange things to those naughty scales.  My clothes fit better today, even after they had come off the clothes line from being freshly washed.  Snug like clothes are after a wash, but still comfy..  I will weigh in next week sometimes and see who things are going.

I'm going to head down to the beach for a few days.  Get some walking time, swimming time and some me time in.

Be back soon xxx

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