Sunday, January 2, 2011

3rd Jan 2011

When I started writing this blog.  I had clear ideas and goals of where I wanted to be.

I never guessed in a million years that things could really jump out and throw a spanner in the works.

Well Christmas is over. My baby turned 7 yesterday and its the New Year and time to set some challenges for the year and some clear goals.  Although January is still a busy month for us as both sides of my family parents have birthdays and a few kiddies as well.  I can get through January without gaining anymore weight. I can get through January and actually lose weight.  I have done it before!

So here are a few that come to mind and I will keep adding to them as I think of more.

Heath & Fitness 2011

Run or walk in a Fun Run.
Get back into a eating well & exercising routine.
Fill out my food diary right down to the last calorie - Daily!
If I have had no success with reducing weight again on my own. Join WW.
Get out into the garden more 
Complete the 1000 steps at Ferntree Gully.
Do at least one boot camp at Wonga Park.
Ride my bike weekly (once its fixed)
Drink more water and less tea. 
Try new low fat recipes.
Lose 20kgs 
Buy size 10 clothes.
Buy a dress
Do Pilate's a minimum of once a week
Complete another 12 week challenge.
Lose 4 kilos by February 2011.
To be completely hip, back, shoulder free of pain.
To have found out and resolved why I have this pain.
by the 31st December be at my goal weight and maintaining it. 56-57kgs

Other 2011
Live more frugal with less waste
Get a job.
Read 10 books
Learn how to operate Photoshop elements 9 completely
Complete some crafting hobbies
Find something that I can make or do to sell online.
Look at completing a course in Fitness
Complete a course to further my career
Make more phone calls to friends or family (I have a phobia of talking on the phone).
Get to the City more and explore it.
Go to one fancy restaurant child free with my husband.
Add more photos and make my blog more fun & resourceful for weight loss readers.

OK so that's a start.  I can think of hundreds more that I want to add and will depending on what the out come of the investigations into my back & hip pain. 

Weight yesterday 2nd Jan 80.2kg
Today 3rd Jan 79.2kgs 

 I made it to gym yesterday it was a hard slog to get through 45mins but felt so much better for it and promptly fell asleep at 9pm.  I didn't wake today feeling full of energy.  Still feeling exhausted and flat so I am spending the day cleaning the house and getting the house organised.  I find I can not focus properly with a messy house and not knowing where things are in my house.  Plus the extra calorie burn is good. 

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