Friday, January 14, 2011

15th Jan 2001 - 80kgs.

I have been a bit lost with the whole eating and exercise thing.  I was allowing too much doubt to fill rubbish back into my head.  I am having a huge and I mean huge, hard time with my son and his behaviour at the moment.  Up until this week it has been a struggle to get out of the house with him as its just too much hard work.

Lovely Jacqui chatted with me on Facebook and said that she was putting her daughter in to the gym creche and I decided to bite the bullet and put Brodie in.  In the past, it has been a real hit and miss with Brodie and the creche.   The first day was OK the second was much better.

By Brodie going to the creche and it allowed me to get into the gym for some me time. It was a real push to find the energy and while there Jacquie and Adam had a little chat and it helped to make me feel more motivated to get back on track.  I managed to twice this week get to gym and do some pretty good calorie burning considering, I wasn't really pushing myself.

So I am glad that a simple conversation from Jacqui made me pull my head in and get my butt off to gym.

Weight loss is never ending.  Just when I thought that I had it in the bag. I hit a few speed bumps and needed to take some time to look back over my food diary and remind myself of the yummy foods that I haven't had for a while and go out and make them and of course enjoy them.

I am going to try and stick with whole foods again and trying to stay off the wine. Haha!

Even with 2 days of eating well and exercising - I feel more positive again and more able to keep eating the right foods. My weight is still through the roof but its simply because I am still not tracking my food and calorie intake into my diary.  I need to stop eating food that I can not easily workout the calorie amount or find how many calories are in the food.

My plan is to get through the school holidays, keeping up with my exercise and eating.  Then the day school goes back, start training and setting some goals again.  I am still thinking about joining WW but will wait and see what more people think about it before joining.

My weight was up at 80.8kgs yesterday - Thankfully its down to 80kgs today.  It does make me want to cry that I am back into the 80's and I need to work on that this week and allow for meals out this week.  Getting to the gym everyday.  Although I didn't make it today - I did go swimming with my little guy for a good hour and a half. So that will help count out a few calories for tonights dinner out.

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  1. Someone told me something really wise the other day, he said "Never Stop Starting". I myself went back to WW because I gained a bit of weight back after my brothers wedding and a few tearful issues that had arisen. I wanted to start again. So I am really proud of you for keeping on going, and it appears to me that you never stop starting. You are determined to reach your goals, no matter what. Luv, M.