Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st March 2011

I have started many posts since my last update way back in January.  However, they all sounds so depressing that I couldn't bring myself to accept the post and update my blog.

Basically the long and short.  Had a hard time with school holidays and my son, who has "High function" Autism. He didn't cope very well with not having school or a routine.  Most kids love not having to rush out the door etc.  Not my son he likes the routine although he will tell you he doesn't like school.  We have an amazing new teacher this year.  Sadly my little guy is having a hard time settling into school.  We have been having issues with the school and education department due to funding not being accepted for a class room aide.

I even went to the local newspaper with our story.  Suddenly the school has sprung back into action about putting paperwork in for a class aide for Brodie.  So this story is to be continued hopefully with a positive outcome and a integration aide for my little guy.

So basically the emotional roller coaster came to a slower pace late last week and I have been back in the gym 5 days in a row.  I feel so much better.

I have seen Dr. Nick and while I have found out a few things that maybe causing my back, hip & calf problems.  He has sent me out for more test.  So I am no closer to getting a plan of action happening. Again story to be continued.

I have signed up for the Michelle Ridges 12 Week Challenge that is due to start in May.  I am hoping by then that I can be back at full pace.  I had a bit of a run last week and this week I am crippled with calf and hip pain and having to take it slow again.  There has been talk about my gym running another 12 week challenge and if they do I will probably do both.  It will be 12 months since I started the original 12 week challenge.

I have been hearing great things from Michelle's challenge and figure that this will give me something to aim for.  Plus I can budget away the joining fee now to make things a little easier to manage.

My weight hit a high of 81.8kgs last week and thankfully with training today I am back down to 80.4kgs. I have been tracking my food again. Trying to stick to 1300 cals per day and even though I am taking it easy at the gym I am have been burning around 800 cals per session.  If I can keep up with this I should be back on track to get back down to 76kgs.  That is my first goal.  Second goal is pretty easy 74kgs and then 69kgs.

I feel so much better for eating well and within a few days of eating good foods and exercising. I was really amazed at how quickly my clothes started to fit better.   Even though I put on 4-5 kgs.  My clothes really felt the strain of my growing butt again.   I also have so much more energy and can deal with anything in a more positive productive way.

So my next weeks goal is back into the 78's fingers crossed that my body can handle getting back into the swing of exercise.

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