Monday, March 28, 2011

Still plodding along.  Nothing major happening on the weight loss side of life.

The next Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge starts on the 1st of May and I am looking forward to that.

I have had a couple of good training sessions at gym but still pulling up crippled with pain a few days afterwards but I am slowly trying to ease myself back into it.  I want to go harder but I am just so unfit!.

I have been enjoying watching The Biggest Loser however I still manage to yell at the TV and really don't like the game playing side of this years series.  I am missing the Friday night cooking and therapy sessions of the show.  Maybe they will get it right next year.

Havent weighed in but my aim this week is to get to the gym for a few good sessions and hopefully get my heartmonitor/watch back from repairs soon.  I am so lost without it and hadn't realised how much of a motivator it was having it on my wrist, seeing how many cals I was burning.

Oh well off to make some phone calls.

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