Thursday, April 14, 2011


This week is school holidays and I haven't been able to get out much or even go to the gym.

I know there is no excuses, however we finally have my son on some anixety medication and he has been a delight to hang out with.  So one week without the gym will not kill me.

I am also spending the time to get back into the right frame of working out and positive eating again.  I would love to be in that focused zone again.   My back has been pretty good and managable.  I have even pushed myself on the X.trainer that I used to love so much but was the cause of my hip pain.  I felt so good.

I am going to the Chiropractor today just for a minor adjustment and hope whatever he did 2 weeks ago he doesn't undo.  Although after my last adjustment I couldn't walk for 2 days. Seriously I was buckled over and in a dark place thinking is this how my body is going to react to gym every day!.

I have also been thinking of combining my weight loss blog back with my craft blog.  I am hoping with the cold weather that I can find sometime to get some crafty things done.   I have been quilting again but no return of my scrapbooking/cardmaking mojo.

Michelle's 12 week challenge is coming up soon.  I am a bit worried but looking forward to my next challenge.  To say I am not disappointed at not being at goal now 12 months later is true but not to the point that I am beating myself up about it.  However, I have to get these 5 kilos off that have slowly creeped back on.

I have had a couple of stressfull days this week with my DH work situation and I have to be honest that I have stuffed myself with corn chips and lots of other things that I once would never be tempted by.  I felt some relief though watching Biggest Loser this week and seeing Lara do the same thing.  Its an emotional thing its ugly but it will rear its ugly head in our lives from time to time.  

I need to focus this week on eating good foods again.  I am getting my stomach cramps back from eating too much carbs, fat and wheat.  I love how I can feel when my body is not happy these days.

Lots of eating healthy stir fry veggies this week and salads.  Its hard because the weather has become so cold. However, I remember finding it so much easier to lose weight during the cold months last year compared to summer.  I struggled with summer because some days it was just too hot to cook or our BBQ was out of action.  I also found with cooking a BBQ we ended up eating too much.  Must make a mental note for the next summer.

It is also Easter this week coming.  Lots of social things happening in our house.  I am going to enjoy going out but I will not be eating "too much" chocolate.  Thank goodness I am not doing the 12 week challenge this week.

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