Monday, May 2, 2011

Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge Pre-season

Yay life is back to some sort of routine as of today.

Hubby is back at work and my little guy is back at school.

I hit the gym today and decided today to start back at writing all my food down and counting my calories.
It's so much easier now that I am at home by myself and can hit the supermarket and fruit shop without someone tagging along.

Last week was a shocker food wise for me, no excuses other than I allowed myself to indulge with Easter, My husbands birthday & my best friend going over seas.  Having hubby home also meant we ate lunch out most days as well. It's very rare for just the two of us so I enjoyed our time also it was that time of the month I didn't bother to weigh myself. So I nearly died when I jumped on the scales on Saturday for a quick weigh in, as my smaller jeans did not do up.  I came in at 82.8kgs.

I forgot to weigh myself today and realised when I got into the shower and was all soggy wet.

I did weigh myself once I got back from gym and completely freaked out 83.8kgs.  I was 76kgs last October. Not happy Jan! No one to blame but myself.

Michelle's Pre-season tasks have started and while I have had a quick look at them but haven't had the time to sit down and starting making lists.

Task 1 was introducing myself in the forum (tick done)
Task 2: Get real no more excuses.  So far I have made a excuse box.  I have a packet of yellow sticky notes and have written all of my usual excuses and then written my response on each one and thrown it into the box.  I am still going.
Task 3: Setting my goals.  I love this part as I love having goals.  I know from last year when I completed my other 12 week challenge that all of the trainers would say " You have to have goals & imagine yourself at those goals" and keep focused on them.

So with lots of excitement I went and bought myself a new food & exercise diary.   I still had space in my last one but it was all over the place and having something new and starting fresh just sounded better.

I really like this diary - They can be bought from - My gym stocks them at $20.00.  I like this one because it has a section for your daily thoughts and feelings.  Every 14 days you can pre-set your next fortnight goals.

Well off to watch Biggest Loser final show.  Can't wait to see who wins and what they look like now.

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  1. Hello fellow 12wbt member! I love this diary! I am def going to have to buy one of these :)