Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Only 5 more sleeps until the challenge starts

I'm scared, pumped, excited and worried all rolled into one.

I know I can do it. I don't know if I can get through the exercise without needing my hip operated on before the end of the challenge.  I have allowed myself to not be hard on myself if I have to.  I will keep up with the eating and what exercise I can do.  Then hit the 3rd round.

I have made a commitment to do as many rounds as I need to. To get to my goal weight and maintain my weight.  I read somewhere the other day that to truly have your weight loss under control you need to be at a goal weight for 3 years.  I can do that!

Tonight Michelle is loading up inspirational peoples blogs and thought I would share this one.

My husband walked past the computer while I was reading her blog and he didn't believe it was the same person.  I think as much as I hate to have before photos taken.  I think I will do it as well.

I know from doing the photos last year that it wasn't until I looked back that I realised that my body had changed.

Anyway,  For the first time since my operation last Christmas I have not been to gym for 5 days straight!  I'm Ok with that. I have had a tummy bug so I didn't want to spread it or even worse have that sudden urge to go lol while in the middle of a pump class. Ouuuu!!!!

Here's Ange's blog

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