Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 1

Weighed myself cause I just can't help myself.  Hopefully, by the end of this challenge, this old habit will have gone.  So day 1: -  I weighed in at 82.5 kgs.

I started breakfast off with my usual cereal.  As I figure, its taken me 41 years to finally eat cereal every morning after years of eating a hot breakfast or toast loaded with peanut butter.

I headed off to gym to do my cardio workout as close to Michelle's plan as possible but my main aim was just to burn the calories.  A friend of mine Tracey, who is also doing the Michelle Bridges 12 wbt had posted on Face book that she was doing the pump class at 10.30am.  I was worried that if i did pump with my old track record that I would put my hip and shoulder out and that would be me for the rest of the challenge.

But ..................................................... I decided to give it a good.

My old friend - I adore pump classes, sure there was times that I thought, OMG "There goes my knee or my hip". I loved every minute of it and will be making it part of my Mondays as long as my body holds out.

Anyway back to the program.  Sorry about the quality of photos - Im no Donna Hay!

Lunch was a surprise I honestly thought I would be left starving after this but I wasn't.  So its turkey with cranberry on corn/rice cakes with a spread of avocado.  It was meant to have snow pea sprouts on it but I don't ever remember I liked them and at $3 a packet, I wasn't about to find out the hard way.

As I missed having a morning snack - by 3pm I was hungry again and had a "Body Wise bar".  They are kind of like a healthy muesli bar and around 130 cals.

By about 5pm while making my son his dinner it really set in.  Well, I was thinking "What I had for lunch would be a snack on any other given day".  I was so hungry.

Dinner was meant to be Salmon Stir-fry with Chinese broccoli & ginger.  I went with around 130grms of chicken instead of a sad looking 90grms of salmon.  I was starving!  I ended up loading up with lots of Bok choy but kept with the actual recipe, except for the Olive oil which I replaced with chicken stock. Olive oil is around 120 cals per table spoon, compared to 10 cals for 100mls of ready made chicken stock. Trust me I would much rather have a diet yogurt for 90 cals than a table spoon of olive oil in my dinner.

Oh boy sorry about the grubby plate photo.  Didn't pay attention to that.

I ended up having a "for Me" yogurt after dinner at 90 cals.

I burnt just under 900 cals with my work out sessions today.  Pump doesn't burn a lot but its great for toning and burning calories for the rest of the day.

Dinner was meant to be salmon stir-fry with chinese broccoli & ginger.  I went with around 130grms of

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