Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My 8th weigh in

Well mother nature finally visited me so my weigh in this week is not a true indication of what my weight is.

However I am more than happy to see 81.6kgs on the scales.

I am really enjoying this challenge and each visit to the gym I push myself just that little bit more and can honestly say I love going to the gym and look forward to it.

I know how to listen to my body now and know when I am not feeling 100% and to take it a bit easy on myself.

I know that the week before that time of the month that I get a bit slack with my eating and that I do actually "crave" certain things.  It was a real struggle with being in control and lots of negative talk was going on in my brain.  Once I knew what was going on I felt releaved that I was failing.

I took back control on Monday was kind to myself and allowed myself some chicken and chips (boy it tasted good). I ate a bit more than I normally would but then back on track again from Monday.

Looking through my food diary I can see the weeks that I have been picking at food and snacking a little bit more than I needed.  I also noticed that eating "Weight watchers frozen meals" I was hungry again a short time later. 

Something I have learned is that these foods are bulked out with loads of Carbs like pasta & rice and very low on any actual protein in the pack.  I was eating them for lunch as I was so hungry when I came home from gym at lunch.  Then couldnt work out why I was starving again a few hours later.

I have gone back to eating salad with a good dose of protein like chicken either BBQ'd or chicken breast.  Pretty much the same thing again at night.  Sounds boring but its not.  Loaded up with steamed veggies like beans, dry roasted pumpkin.  I try lots different marinates all low on salt and calories.

The scales just keep going downwards everyday again and I'm not hungry.  I also wasn't eating enough during the day and allowing myself to get rather hungry.  Its kind of funny that keeping a food diary does actually keep me on the straight and narrow.

Loosing the weight has been alot easier than I thought possible.  I am still overweight and still battling my demons about feeling "alive & fit" but then looking at my tummy that I still have.  But the negatives will slowly become smaller and I become smaller - I can see that I will keep this going well after the challenge is over.

I have made this a "Lifestyle change" I know that saying seems to be the new diet "saying" but its true.  For example I had lunch with some of the mums from school today.  I swear I was going to scream if another one of them made a comment "You shouldnt be eating that" I ordered a coffee and apparently from my friends I shouldnt be drinking coffee.  It was all rather light hearted but after a while It drives me nuts as my Mum has always had issues with food and food that I would eat. Thats another story on its own.

I had a yummy lunch just simple poached eggs with mushrooms and smoked salmon.  Mean while my friends chowed down on muffins, chocolate cake etc, I was fully on my scrummy lunch.

I can eat everything I want.  I just don't want chocolate cake hehe.

I have the exercising, and diet stuff under control now Just have to work on the emotional stuff like self doubt and negative comments and thoughts.   I need to start thinking about a new goal once the challenge is finished - I still have around 3-4 weeks to go and I should at my 10kg loss by then.

Was 94kgs
89.2kgs (1st May 2010)
81.6kgs (current weight) 
Loss 7.6kgs - Week 8.

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still."  - Chinese Proverb


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pushing along.

Today is the start of week 8 of the challenge and my 7th weigh in 82.8kgs.

Just plodding along falling into a groove of regular exercise.  Attempted my first Body combat class on Sunday. Oh lordy most unco person in the room.  Weird kind of work out as its all fighting moves and boxing moves.

Was hoping to be a little bit less by today but I am not going to beat myself up about it.  I had to wear summer clothes last Saturday night because all of my current winter clothes are too big and the smallest that I have are from about 3 summers ago when i got down to 84kgs.   So it was nice that I had them on and they were loose.  My best friend Sam was blown away when she saw me on Saturday night - The last time she saw me I was in my 90'skgs.  So it was a bit of a boast to the ego.  I enjoyed a lovely glass of wine and kept it at one glass.  Rather proud of myself for the control as much as I really enjoyed it and could have easily kept going.   The downside was my friend brought with her a mud cake even though I had asked for no cakes etc.  I had a slither and enjoyed it.  However,  the first bite taste the same as the last so I am going to make it a rule until I get to my goal weight and maintenance for a while that I will have just one bite of foods that are off limits.  Whats the point of eating a "whole" of something when one bite will do the job.

I have found an amazing daily motivation website and hope that I can get along to one of Craig Harpers weekend get aways. 

I'm feeling rather exhausted so I am going to leave my post at that.

Will weigh myself again on Thursday as that will be eight weeks since I my first weigh in.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I now have the flu Again

I have a head cold and while loaded up with day/night flu tablets I tried to do cardio at the gym yesterday - I just cant bring myself to do it today.  Not sure if its more that I finally have the house myself or the 1 hour on the treadmill yesterday was enough to drain me of all energy levels.

So I am going to be kind to myself and realise that its just a speed bump not a backwards nose dive and hopefully by Friday (its Wednesday today) that I can get my energy levels up back.

I didn't weigh myself today - I did yesterday and I was around 83.8kgs (Tuesdays) are my unofficial weigh in day. However I will be honest and say that Monday I did not eat well. I was sick actually everyone in my house was sick and I just threw together something tasty and quick.

I made "Fried" chicken schnitzel and chips.  The boys love it but I have to honestly say that I only ate half of the chicken and I am not sure if it was due to sickness or guilt of the calories I was eating.  I stopped.

So I am not sure if that would have had an effect on my weigh in yesterday.

I'm so looking forward to the warmer weather coming.  I think everyone tends to eat lighter when the days are sunny and warm.  I'm looking forward to being able to get out and BBQ while my little guy runs around the back yard and wears himself out.  To being able to cook lots of healthy meals on the BBQ and just cooking everything at once not 3 different meals.  Drool.

Talking about drooling As promised.

My chicken Stir fry is around 150grms or raw chicken breast (approx 150cals) per person.
Basil from one of those squeezy tubes in the fruit section of the supermarket, garlic, ginger and whatever takes my fancy.   Loads of veggies got a thing for baby Bok Choy at the moment. (pardon my spelling).
I did use 1/2 teaspoon of veggie oil to stir fry the chicken - Then added the veggies one the chicken is coloured. Toss that all around and then I added approx 3 table spoons of Oyster and 3 Table spoons of Kecap Manis (sweet Soy).  Now I didn't add the garlic etc until I added the veggies as I don't like to burn the garlic.   I also tossed in some oven roasted cashews.  Oh my they taste so good. (see my note) below.

Kecap Manis has around 60cals per Table spoon  - Oyster has around 20cals. See the difference is huge.  So you can always play around with flavour and amounts to your liking.  I did find it a bit salty but I do like my salt. The downside of course too much salt holds fluid and it shows on the bathroom scales.



Cashews can be toasted on a low heat in the oven - just toss them a few times and keep an eye on them as they can burn really quickly. No oil is needed and they can be done before you start your stir fry as they don't seem to go soft like fried ones can.

I have been buying the Natures selection Cashews from Coles in the same section as the baking - Yes right near the choc chips. They are the best value at around $2.50 a packet.

What else is my favourite at the moment.

A nice warm chicken salad.

I marinated approx 125-150grms of chicken breast in "Nando" Lemon & herb Perri Perri sauce. Loads of my fav salad veg including some Balsamic olives (watch the olives as they have a lot of natural salt). Sun dried 97% fat free tomatoes and about 1/4 avocado. This is a nice light dinner meal if I had it at lunch I would probably had a wholegrain roll or bread as well. Sprinkled with fresh coriander which I can never get enough of.


And finally for today's post.

Nothing feel or taste better than someone who hasn't seen you for a few months (since starting this weight loss challenge) than them saying "Geeze how much weight have you lost - You look great". No choc chip cookie can ever taste that good. Thanks for the confidence boost yesterday - Sharon xxx

Saturday, July 10, 2010

83.2 or maybe 83.4Kgs

Ok its been a long time since I have seen 83kgs on my scales well except for the times when I get on and the stupid thing plays up.

I am sick again with some sort of flu virus so rather than fight it and keep going to gym I have stayed home all weekend. Plus both of my boys are sick as well.

I don't really understand why we all keep getting sick especially myself when I am trying to eat well and keep fit.

Talking about eating I decided to up load some photos of yummy things I have been eating. More so to share as well as reminding myself what yummy things can be eaten.

I am a bit sick of cooking 3 different meals in my house so last night I made Taco's and just used lettuce to wrap the filling in and skipped the cheese. Well I tell a fib I did have a little sprinkle of cheese.

The only thing I found was I was totally starving by midnight. Not sure if I had eaten enough yesterday or my body just craved carbs and wine.

I do miss wine and sure I could have a few glasses but my weight loss has been slow and steady that I feel like I would damage my chances of a 1kg weight loss if I drink some. I think after about 3 weeks now. One or two glasses would tip me over the edge and I would be rather drunk.

So anyway coming to the end of week 6 this week will weigh in again on Tuesday. Heres hoping I can get to the gym this week as I really need to up my exercise levels.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still feeling flat

Agh the bathroom scales can really do a girls head in.

So can comments from my personal trainer that seems to be far too busy to actually notice things. Yes, I am one of those people that walks around huffing and puffing and expect that the other person knows whyyyyyy I am in a bad mood but.

He said to me tonight that "He understand with school holidays that I haven't been able to get to the gym and make an effort" What the! I have been to gym nearly every day and if he took the time to notice and read my workout card he would see that I have been down the gym every day except last Friday and Sunday. Ahhh men.

Still having issues with the scales going up and down. If there was a sideways motion I am sure that my weight would go that way as well.

Ok now trying to be positive. Its hard when you have just done cardio from 7pm to 9pm and then had toast and scrambled eggs for dinner at nearly 10pm but Alas I will move forward.

My clothes are loose - I did go and get two new sports boobie holders (Bras) today and they are a size 14/16 down from and 18+. I even went to my favourite clothing shop just to try on clothes that I tried on a few months back and couldn't get on. Not only could I get these clothes on - I decided that I didn't actually like them anymore.

I am seriously thinking of seeing a dietitian and getting to the bottom of this slow weight loss. I know I am harping on about it but when your only eating 1100 calories a day or less and doing and average of 1- 1.5hrs of cardio 5-6 times a week I think most people would be wondering why I am not a size 10 yet! Haha.

" I appreciate and enjoy the conviction to eat healthy foods and exercise my body and mind.
I also make sure I relax and de-stress. These are all measures I take to ensure I stay active, healthy and happy."

Monday, July 5, 2010

84kgs 6th July - Start of the 6th week.

OK after my big whinge yesterday the scales came in at 84kgs each and every time.  Not like its usual confused weighing.

This morning I decided to have a look at my old fitness blog. The one I was going to get fit and be skinny before I turned 40.

Well here are the stats on the day I started Reductil
SW 90.4kgs
CW 89.4kgs

Now I have just finished my 5th week and I am down by 5kgs - When I took reductil I was probably around the same but it did awful things to my head with shocking headaches. Why am I posting this. Well just to remind myself that while I did take that awful drug and hardly exercised - I had no fitness or strength and certainly it was all water loss and probably some muscle loss as well.

I never got down to 84kgs. Going by my old stats I got down to around 85 kg and stopped there.

I have done this on my own from 94 kg now down to 84kgs on my own no drugs just good eating and exercise. Yes Felicity it has been slow but the weight gain has also been slow.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I hate bathroom scales

I am coming to the end of week 5 of the challenge.   So I am nearly halfway through and the scales are moving so slowly.  I was expecting to have lost around 6-8 kilos by now and today I weighed in at 84.8kgs.

This has been much harder than I first though it would be but easier in other ways.

Easier in the fact that as long as I am counting or guessing my calories each day and write everything down. I can still enjoy going out or having whatever the family is having.

Harder because at 41 years old my body just wants to hang on to all this excess weight. I have not had a wine for a while now and I have been down to the gym at least 5 times each week sometimes for over 2 hours of full on cardio training.

However, I wonder that while my calories have been good maybe some of my food choices have not been the best option for loosing weight. That will be my goal this week is to track how much carbs etc I am eating. Its only a little bit extra work. I know that I am eating more carbs that what Adro's book recommends but then my trainer said you got to live a little as well.

My body loves carbs - It cant start the day without carbs. I have given up drinking, chocolate and take away surely I should be a size 10 now.......

I am proud of myself for staying committed and kept up training during the school holidays. That is why I am so surprised about such little amounts of weight lost this week as I have added in so much incidental exercise such as taking Brodie to the indoor pools for an hour.

Its Ok I guess just have to deal with small slow weight loss. Suck it up Princess!!!

We had another Super challenge at the gym on Saturday.  I was surprised that not many people turned up.  At the start of the challenge there was around 35.  On Saturday there was probably around 15 in the basketball gym for the mega challenge and around 6 of us that turned up for the power walk.

I can see from one lady that I met on the first day and who is also being mentored by the same trainer as me I could see a huge weight loss difference.  Another lady who I have become friendly with while much later than myself shared with me that she hasn't been well but has lost a steady 3-5 kg lose each week.  Boohooo to me.

So today I will sign off - Take myself off to the gym once again and remember that I do love exercising and its not just about the weight loss its also about feeling fitter and being well.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will see 83kgs on my scales - If not I am going to trade the bloody things in and buy some new ones.