Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pushing along.

Today is the start of week 8 of the challenge and my 7th weigh in 82.8kgs.

Just plodding along falling into a groove of regular exercise.  Attempted my first Body combat class on Sunday. Oh lordy most unco person in the room.  Weird kind of work out as its all fighting moves and boxing moves.

Was hoping to be a little bit less by today but I am not going to beat myself up about it.  I had to wear summer clothes last Saturday night because all of my current winter clothes are too big and the smallest that I have are from about 3 summers ago when i got down to 84kgs.   So it was nice that I had them on and they were loose.  My best friend Sam was blown away when she saw me on Saturday night - The last time she saw me I was in my 90'skgs.  So it was a bit of a boast to the ego.  I enjoyed a lovely glass of wine and kept it at one glass.  Rather proud of myself for the control as much as I really enjoyed it and could have easily kept going.   The downside was my friend brought with her a mud cake even though I had asked for no cakes etc.  I had a slither and enjoyed it.  However,  the first bite taste the same as the last so I am going to make it a rule until I get to my goal weight and maintenance for a while that I will have just one bite of foods that are off limits.  Whats the point of eating a "whole" of something when one bite will do the job.

I have found an amazing daily motivation website and hope that I can get along to one of Craig Harpers weekend get aways. 

I'm feeling rather exhausted so I am going to leave my post at that.

Will weigh myself again on Thursday as that will be eight weeks since I my first weigh in.  Wish me luck.

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