Monday, July 5, 2010

84kgs 6th July - Start of the 6th week.

OK after my big whinge yesterday the scales came in at 84kgs each and every time.  Not like its usual confused weighing.

This morning I decided to have a look at my old fitness blog. The one I was going to get fit and be skinny before I turned 40.

Well here are the stats on the day I started Reductil
SW 90.4kgs
CW 89.4kgs

Now I have just finished my 5th week and I am down by 5kgs - When I took reductil I was probably around the same but it did awful things to my head with shocking headaches. Why am I posting this. Well just to remind myself that while I did take that awful drug and hardly exercised - I had no fitness or strength and certainly it was all water loss and probably some muscle loss as well.

I never got down to 84kgs. Going by my old stats I got down to around 85 kg and stopped there.

I have done this on my own from 94 kg now down to 84kgs on my own no drugs just good eating and exercise. Yes Felicity it has been slow but the weight gain has also been slow.

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