Sunday, July 4, 2010

I hate bathroom scales

I am coming to the end of week 5 of the challenge.   So I am nearly halfway through and the scales are moving so slowly.  I was expecting to have lost around 6-8 kilos by now and today I weighed in at 84.8kgs.

This has been much harder than I first though it would be but easier in other ways.

Easier in the fact that as long as I am counting or guessing my calories each day and write everything down. I can still enjoy going out or having whatever the family is having.

Harder because at 41 years old my body just wants to hang on to all this excess weight. I have not had a wine for a while now and I have been down to the gym at least 5 times each week sometimes for over 2 hours of full on cardio training.

However, I wonder that while my calories have been good maybe some of my food choices have not been the best option for loosing weight. That will be my goal this week is to track how much carbs etc I am eating. Its only a little bit extra work. I know that I am eating more carbs that what Adro's book recommends but then my trainer said you got to live a little as well.

My body loves carbs - It cant start the day without carbs. I have given up drinking, chocolate and take away surely I should be a size 10 now.......

I am proud of myself for staying committed and kept up training during the school holidays. That is why I am so surprised about such little amounts of weight lost this week as I have added in so much incidental exercise such as taking Brodie to the indoor pools for an hour.

Its Ok I guess just have to deal with small slow weight loss. Suck it up Princess!!!

We had another Super challenge at the gym on Saturday.  I was surprised that not many people turned up.  At the start of the challenge there was around 35.  On Saturday there was probably around 15 in the basketball gym for the mega challenge and around 6 of us that turned up for the power walk.

I can see from one lady that I met on the first day and who is also being mentored by the same trainer as me I could see a huge weight loss difference.  Another lady who I have become friendly with while much later than myself shared with me that she hasn't been well but has lost a steady 3-5 kg lose each week.  Boohooo to me.

So today I will sign off - Take myself off to the gym once again and remember that I do love exercising and its not just about the weight loss its also about feeling fitter and being well.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will see 83kgs on my scales - If not I am going to trade the bloody things in and buy some new ones.

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