Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yay finally 85kgs

I was so excited when I got on the scales today.

I wanted to wait until mother nature had left the building before getting on the scales. All week I had been stuck on 86.4kgs.

I had a night out with girlfriends for my birthday on Saturday so I made sure I did a killer workout which was around an hour of my programme and then I did another 1 hour of cardio. I was going to drive myself to the restaurant until my hubby told me to go and relax and just enjoy myself. So I did maybe a little more than I was planning.

So for me to get on the scales today I was just hoping to be under 86kgs.

My scales are shocking at getting the same weight when I get on and off 3 times in a row.

So my surprise when I got on the first time and it was 85kgs. Just plain old 85kgs. I was like "that would be bloody right I will never crack the 85kgs". Then I got on again and it said 82.5kgs well I nearly went through the roof with excitement so I got on again. It then said 85.4kgs. So I tried a few more times and the decided that 85kgs seems to be were I am today.

So of course with all that excitement I pulled out all of my clothes that I used to wear at 85kgs last time I was there. Well blow me over not only did they fit but some of my jeans were too big around my tummy.

Then I decided that Brodie and I would go to the indoor swimming pools for a play around for an hour. I had to wear a size smaller board shorts that I bought and wore once because they were too tight and I bought them at Sea World 2 summers ago as we didn't take bathers and it was so hot to go swimming.

Then another Then! My swimming top that I wear with my board shorts (I haven't worn swimmers now for 3 summers) the front of the top is so loose that when it was wet it stretched so badly it looked like a dress. So clearly my tummy must be smaller. ha ha.

I have only lost around 5kgs since starting the challenge. Its been very very slow but I have lived life and still enjoyed myself at the same time.

I love exercising now. So much so that I have already worked out a schedule for the school holidays and have bribed Brodie with going into the school holiday creche one morning so I can go to gym and then he can have a swim after wards.

So this week I am really going to be focused on eating well and getting to the gym when I can and getting fun exercise time in with my little guy.

Lots of eating my favourite warm chicken salads.

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