Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 11 of the Challenge

I weighed myself yesterday and I was finally down to 87kgs.  While my weight loss hasn't been anything near like the Biggest Loser contestants.  I have not putting in half of the effort they have.

I had a lovely day out with school yesterday and then coffee & a bit with the mums that I didnt make it to gym.

I have really struggled this week with extreme lack of sleep as Brodie is sick and now I have what appears to be a chest infection due to me stopping my ABs that I started 2 weeks ago. I am pretty crook but made it to gym.

I barely have any energy today but I will get through the day with loads of vitamins and getting a good night sleep.

I keep reading on how important sleep is. I have always lived off about 4-5 hours a night especially during the tough times when Brodie was little and I went through my scrapbooking phase.

Apparently anyone on less than 5 hours sleep will put on more weight - under 6 still put on weight but not as much and apparently it keeps going up the scale less and less with more sleep. I have to agree that I believe its true.

The more sleep I have (Im talking good quality sleep being asleep before midnight) means I have more energy to get up and do things the next day quickly. Also making better food choices.

This past week I have struggled to get out of bed and I have struggled to go bed before midnight and stay asleep past 4.45am.

I will have to work on that.

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