Thursday, June 17, 2010

The start of week 3

Weight 86.4kgs.

I have been sick with a chest infection. Last week I just didn't have the energy to do much at gym. I went a few times and then realised it just wasn't worth the energy and allowed myself to take some time off from gym and get well.

So I missed the weekend (just two days) and started back slowly on Monday and by Tuesday & Wednesdays sessions at the gym I was really pushing myself again.

I ended up with sore thighs, so much so that I am finding it hard to bend down or squat. But surely that is a good sign.

Today I had a light personal training session. My PT/Mentor (lets call him the nice terminator). Was kind due to the fact my butt and thighs had taken such a workout.

We worked on arms and then we did some sprints on the rowing machine which was fantastic but I started to cough up a lung again. Which is rather embarrassing when your pelvic floor is a bit dodgy from all the coughing and having had one child. Guys just don't understand the need to squeeze your legs together something during those moments. (Note to self) must work on pelvic floor muscles.

Anyway. 2 weeks of the challenge are down and I am down from 89.2kgs to 86.4kgs. I honestly might be less than that due to lovely mother nature waiting to knock on my door and that whacked on a good kilo or two each month and I also weighed myself a few days ago.

I have found this challenge fantastic very motivating and all of the onus is on me. If I cheat I can't blame the Weight Watchers program and if I do have a blow out day then I know I must be responsible and make good food choices from everything I put in my mouth after making that. Only I can be responsible for the change on the scales.

I honestly had hoped that I would be less (see that's me beating myself up again) however I have people already comment that there seems to be less of me. Woow that's nice to hear that haha.

I guess when most people of my friends last saw me I was up around 93-94kgs. So from that point I have lost a dress size (approx 6kgs = 1 dress size).

Keeping track of my food has not been easy. I tend to write in what I am having but not the calories per item, until the end of the day and then find I am nearly at my total for the day.

This weeks goal is just to try and keep to around 1000-1100 calories per day (although its recommend for my size 1300) and then if I have a blow out then it wont be a huge issues. Sometimes things are just out of your control. I bought the most amazing organic bread called "Ancient grains Organic rye Mari breakfast bread". I ordered it in from my local health food shop after reading about it on another blog. After handing over my $6 and then read the back and found out my local fantastic bread/bakery actually make it. Sometimes I am so daft. So if your at the Heathmont shops its from Raffles bakery. I could never understand why they had fresh bread and then bread on the counter that was in plastic packaging. Now I know why its their very very special breads. dooh!

Anyway I got off track. The food counter on the packages says 2 slices (60grms) = 157 cals. Yum so I thought I would be good cause its super yummy bread full of seeds and fruits. That I would have one slice 78 cals. Later that day I offered Brodie some of the bread after one bite he didn't like it so I ate the rest thinking I was at 157 Cals. Later that night I thought I should weigh a slice because its very heavy bread. I nearly cried when I found that once slice is 60grm at 157cals so I actually ate double the calories. I am now going back to weighing everything. Even my egg for dinner last night 67grms on the box when I weighed it - It was 50grms which is the difference of 30 calories.

The gym has also hooked me up with a diet and food coach with is amazing. I can't not speak highly enough of my gym at the moment. One of the trainers and organisers of the challenge is studying to be a lifestyle coach and is using a few of us lucky ones as training. My coach is hoping that the gym will add this service for people to keep inspired on their fitness at whatever level they are at. Very very cool idea.

I will try to blog more - Its just been about time for me this week.

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