Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plodding along

Coming in to week 2 and I am still finding my way.

There are lots of things that are still bad habits that I need to address and change.

A lot of it is in my brain and self sabotage which I think most people who have been on a diet will know about.

When I met the couple from Biggest Loser, Stewart mentioned to me that he weighs himself every day. Now for me I don't know if that such a good idea. Maybe when I am closer to my goal.

This is why! Last week I was going great guns and was nearly at 2kgs weight loss. It has been roughly one week since giving up alcohol from my diet and only half a week of doing my food diary.

So by about last Thursday or Friday I was hoping that I would be under 87kgs. So you can imagine how upset I was to get on the scales and not only had I not broken the 87kg mark I had gone back up to 88.6kgs.

You guess what I did. I felt half arsed about exercising forgot to do my food diary; forgot being my bad habit of can't be bothered whats the point!. On top of that I made excuses for not getting to the gym Ok Friday I had a sick child home, Saturday Hubby worked - Sunday I slept in and caught up with house stuff.

So Monday like all dieters Mondays I got up and made myself get to gym in time for a circuit class. Well it was rather disorganised and probably only got a decent 30mins of real cardio work out. I then did another 30mins or so of cardio out in the gym.

Tuesday felt like I had been hit by a bus. Coughing up a lung again! but I did make myself do my weights and some light cardio. I was also pissed off because my earplugs yet again stopped working for my I.pod. - I need those soft ones that go into your ear because I have really tiny ears and the other kind don't fit and hurt my ears. Without my Robbie & Madonna music to get me going - It was a real struggle having to listen to Kerry-Anne and Demtell adds on the gym TVs while working out. I just wanted to run out screaming.

So that brings me to today Wednesday nearly one week into the "Official" challenge.

I weighed myself today and I am still at 87.4kgs. I am still not doing my food diary properly but I am writing everything that I am eating into it - I just need to sit down and work out calories.

Again I have a sick child at home today and didnt get to the gym. But that is OK because that is just life and I will work around these things.

I am sore in my left shoulder. Not sure if its muscle tired or I have pulled something but at this stage I am unable to lift my arm.

Hopefully I will feel better getting a full night of sleep in as I have been on about 4 full hours of quality sleep with Brodie being sick.

Sleep really does make a huge difference on how you feel about yourself, being committed and resting of your muscles. I need sleep.

I really did struggle with not having any Champers last weekend. It was like an empty feeling that it was Friday evening and I need my glass of wine to kick off the weekend. Coke zero while it fills in a slight gap also keeps me awake until the wee small hours. Coke or any decaf drink other than tea just doesn't float my boat.

Oh this post doesn't sound very up lifing.

Umm - I have a diet coach via the gym. I was meant to have my first session today but Brodie was sick so now I have to wait one week. Boo hoo! It's free and I think that's what I need on top of a shrink for my head.

Tomorrow's goals

I am going to make it to the gym in the morning and make an effort to push myself.
I am going to have cereal in the morning for breakfast (although all that milk and a cup of tea) makes me need to go to the toilet half a doz times.
umm Find my calorie counter and fill out my diary.

Oh and buy new earplugs for my Ipod.

Well tomorrow is Thursday - My short term goal is to get to the gym every day including the weekend so I can stay on track this week.

Oh and I will  might upload some photos - although I might also make this a private blog.

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