Monday, June 21, 2010

20 years from now

20 years from now I will more disappointed in myself if I have no lost this weight. 20 years from now if I am even still alive I will have wanted to do all the things that I have stopped myself from doing with the excuse of fitness and weight.

20 years from now I want to be very active and have a strong fit body.

20 years from now I will be one day off turning 61 years old.

OMG that really shocks you into thinking about life differently.

20 years from now if I don't change my life each day now! There is a very strong possibility that I may not be here. Or if I am I may not be able to live my life to the fullest. Tomorrow is my 41st Birthday and I have been on this path so many times in the past 7 years. I really hope I am moving forward not backwards and that when this challenge does close to an end in September that I am able to keep going forward along the path.

I haven't weighed myself this week. Mother nature decided to visit and strangely they day she dropped in for a visit - I did weigh myself and I was the lightest I had been so far at 86.2kgs.

I haven't had a lot of energy but I have put in at least 45+ Cardo everyday. In the grand scheme of calories it probably only the amount of a coffee.

I enjoyed myself a little bit too much on Saturday night with a whole bottle of champers to myself. My sister came over and she mentioned that she can see weight loss.

At the time of drinking the drinking my bubbly friend I didn't think I was tipsy or anything until I looked back on the day from Sunday. lol It was a bit of a blur. It was good to know that my liver is catching up on some health as well.

This week I am hoping to keep going to gym everyday. I have Personal Training tomorrow with my nice PT we are going to do some boxing. I really need him to start pushing me. I felt last weeks session was a little hohum and I was glad I didn't have to pay for it.

I guess he wont know I want to be pushed if I don't tell him.

Anyway off to have a healthy lunch of corn mountain bread, pumpkin/spinach salad and chicken.

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