Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My 8th weigh in

Well mother nature finally visited me so my weigh in this week is not a true indication of what my weight is.

However I am more than happy to see 81.6kgs on the scales.

I am really enjoying this challenge and each visit to the gym I push myself just that little bit more and can honestly say I love going to the gym and look forward to it.

I know how to listen to my body now and know when I am not feeling 100% and to take it a bit easy on myself.

I know that the week before that time of the month that I get a bit slack with my eating and that I do actually "crave" certain things.  It was a real struggle with being in control and lots of negative talk was going on in my brain.  Once I knew what was going on I felt releaved that I was failing.

I took back control on Monday was kind to myself and allowed myself some chicken and chips (boy it tasted good). I ate a bit more than I normally would but then back on track again from Monday.

Looking through my food diary I can see the weeks that I have been picking at food and snacking a little bit more than I needed.  I also noticed that eating "Weight watchers frozen meals" I was hungry again a short time later. 

Something I have learned is that these foods are bulked out with loads of Carbs like pasta & rice and very low on any actual protein in the pack.  I was eating them for lunch as I was so hungry when I came home from gym at lunch.  Then couldnt work out why I was starving again a few hours later.

I have gone back to eating salad with a good dose of protein like chicken either BBQ'd or chicken breast.  Pretty much the same thing again at night.  Sounds boring but its not.  Loaded up with steamed veggies like beans, dry roasted pumpkin.  I try lots different marinates all low on salt and calories.

The scales just keep going downwards everyday again and I'm not hungry.  I also wasn't eating enough during the day and allowing myself to get rather hungry.  Its kind of funny that keeping a food diary does actually keep me on the straight and narrow.

Loosing the weight has been alot easier than I thought possible.  I am still overweight and still battling my demons about feeling "alive & fit" but then looking at my tummy that I still have.  But the negatives will slowly become smaller and I become smaller - I can see that I will keep this going well after the challenge is over.

I have made this a "Lifestyle change" I know that saying seems to be the new diet "saying" but its true.  For example I had lunch with some of the mums from school today.  I swear I was going to scream if another one of them made a comment "You shouldnt be eating that" I ordered a coffee and apparently from my friends I shouldnt be drinking coffee.  It was all rather light hearted but after a while It drives me nuts as my Mum has always had issues with food and food that I would eat. Thats another story on its own.

I had a yummy lunch just simple poached eggs with mushrooms and smoked salmon.  Mean while my friends chowed down on muffins, chocolate cake etc, I was fully on my scrummy lunch.

I can eat everything I want.  I just don't want chocolate cake hehe.

I have the exercising, and diet stuff under control now Just have to work on the emotional stuff like self doubt and negative comments and thoughts.   I need to start thinking about a new goal once the challenge is finished - I still have around 3-4 weeks to go and I should at my 10kg loss by then.

Was 94kgs
89.2kgs (1st May 2010)
81.6kgs (current weight) 
Loss 7.6kgs - Week 8.

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still."  - Chinese Proverb


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  1. You're doing so well, you should be very proud of yourself!