Saturday, July 10, 2010

83.2 or maybe 83.4Kgs

Ok its been a long time since I have seen 83kgs on my scales well except for the times when I get on and the stupid thing plays up.

I am sick again with some sort of flu virus so rather than fight it and keep going to gym I have stayed home all weekend. Plus both of my boys are sick as well.

I don't really understand why we all keep getting sick especially myself when I am trying to eat well and keep fit.

Talking about eating I decided to up load some photos of yummy things I have been eating. More so to share as well as reminding myself what yummy things can be eaten.

I am a bit sick of cooking 3 different meals in my house so last night I made Taco's and just used lettuce to wrap the filling in and skipped the cheese. Well I tell a fib I did have a little sprinkle of cheese.

The only thing I found was I was totally starving by midnight. Not sure if I had eaten enough yesterday or my body just craved carbs and wine.

I do miss wine and sure I could have a few glasses but my weight loss has been slow and steady that I feel like I would damage my chances of a 1kg weight loss if I drink some. I think after about 3 weeks now. One or two glasses would tip me over the edge and I would be rather drunk.

So anyway coming to the end of week 6 this week will weigh in again on Tuesday. Heres hoping I can get to the gym this week as I really need to up my exercise levels.

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