Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh my I had two days of no gym

& I survived plus I didn't put all the weight back on.

I must admit that I did eat a few things that I shouldn't have but I survived and it wasn't the end of all my hard work.

I like being able to listen to my body now and it had been screaming at me all week that I am doing way more calorie burning than food back into my body.   I am back up to 76.6kgs today but I feel alive again full of energy.  From Wednesday I had no energy and was burnt out.

I had a bonus day yesterday went to have my myotherpy but could only score a 30min deep tissue massage and when my session was over the next client hadn't turned up or cancelled so he gave me another 30mins on the house as Daryl had to keep his hands warm.  Oh my all I needed was the warm beach of Bali and a cocktail and I would have been in heaven.

By the time my husband came home from work I was struggling to get motivated to go to gym. I was happy to go but once I allowed myself to listen to my body and said "No lets have another day off" I feel amazing and today I woke up at 5.30am ready to start the day.  Dam the week before daylight saving starts too much sunlight way too early.

Anyway basically I guess this post being kind to yourself and that a day or two off gym or even off your diet doesn't mean its over.  I am back to eating well today and planning.  We have people over again today for the football grand final replay but I am going to go to gym once my hubby is home from work.

I am still focusing on being 74kgs by the 17th October and if I get lower than that it will be a bonus.


  1. You are doing so brilliantly Felicity! I was just wondering, what is a typical day menu for you? I want to change my diet, and dinner and lunch I can come up with healthy, quick, filling options but am struggling for breakfast ideas other than a smoothie. Would love to hear what your favourite meals are. xx

  2. I will post a typical day for you tomorrow. xxxFelicity.