Monday, October 4, 2010

I was blog surfing the other night (restaurant blogging) and found, this heart attack on a plate.
It's a beef burger, with 1/2 pound beef patty, shreeded pork, extra creaming coleslaw & fried onions.  I wont go into the rest, as  you maybe able to read it on the add.

So lets talk about what I eat these days as some people have asked me generally what I eat.
Now, I am no saint and the last two weekends have been evil for me and my diet. 

However, this is what I would have on a typical good day that has only had light or no exercise.


40grms of Albran Honey & almond flakes with 100mls of Pauls Skinny Milk and 1/4 teaspoon of sugar.
1 or 2 teas with a splash of skinny milk.   (Ceral/milk = 204 cals)  Tea's around 20 cals but possibly less.

Or - small can of baked beans (130 cals) whole grain bread (65 cals) & poached egg 70 cals.  Some saute'd mushrooms.  (This is my big breakfast) I would have this for brunch or if I am going to do a mid morning class at gym and need to get through the morning.  Or if I just feel like it.

Snacks - Cruskets (25cals) with a scrap of devondale light butter and vegimite/promite or light ham and tomato (not butter).
small banana, Nestle 97% free yogurt around 80cals.  Small tin of tuna on cruskets or water crackers.
Sushi if I am out (check cals first as they can vary in Cals from 90 - 250 per hand roll).
Cashew nuts.   I sometimes have a packet of "Mainland" extra tasty cheese and crackers they are the little mini ones that have 3 or 4 pieces of cheese and water crackers.  A packet is around 120 cals.  
I like Coles brand organic popcorn its in the chip isle of the supermarket (Coles) I like just the plain one as a treat or if I have had a hard training day.  Much better option than CC's or chocolate.

Choc paddlepops are a treat instead of chocolate.  I also like the Body Wise bars at 120 cals a quick snack when your on the run.

I also treat myself daily to a mug of coffee with a satchel of "Vanilla" cafemate.  My dear friend Ruey got me hooked on it and its so yummy at 40cals (with the coffee) I don't add sugar.

Goodies I use.

Dinner and lunch depends on what I have been doing.
Mostly for lunch its a stirfry with lots of green veggies and chicken around 120grms or a salad and ham sandwich with avocardo (around 20grms) about 50grms of ham a scrap of butter on one side or both if I skip the avocardo.  NO CHEESE!

Or a big chicken salad with aspargus, steamed beans just about anything that takes your fancy a cup of salads  is about 45cals.  I also have dry baked pumpkin, olives and use a fat free dressing or a dash of sweet chili with lime juice.

Sometimes for lunch I with make up an asian style salad and have it with a serve of "Birdseye" steamed fish with Thai style sauce.  Now I like to keep everything fresh and natural but sometimes I am busy, or just feel like something different, so having these steam fish things are OK it only has about 150cals its not, everyones choice of fish.  I dont mind it and when I am hungry I will eat just about anything.

Dinner is just about the same sort of thing sometimes I will have about 120grms of eye fillet now it doesnt look much but its all you really need so I buy the very very best cuts (just for me) BBQ some mushrooms and steamed veggies or salad.  Depending on how many calories I have burnt for the day I might add a small steamed potato or a small serve of "birdseye" Steakhouse chips (oven chips).

Some meals I have when I am wanting to eat what the rest of the family is having.  I make pita pizzas loaded up with light ham and lots of veggies etc.  20grms of pizza cheese is plenty and delish.

Or we like to eat "Woolworth's" brand organic beef burgers they are around 120/150cals (I would have to look it up) - I will have it with all the trimings and light bacon and cheese if I feel like it and I just wrap my burger in lettuce like a roll up.  I skip the roll.  However if you have burnt the calories and feel like a bun go for it. 

I also cook up chicken breast marinated in "Nando's Perri Perri sauce" and will make "Nando's style" chicken wraps either in pita or just lettuce (again depending on how many calories I have spare for the day).  I personally like it just in lettuce these days.  That way I might have some cheese or a some light bacon (not a fan of bacon anymore).  Its all about playing around with your calories.  

All my meals are based on my daily limit of 1300calories.

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