Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eating my way through Queensland

Ok since my last post everything has gone up the creek.

I have been enjoying myself a little bit too much and suffering daily with belly aches.  The weird thing is that I go and do it all again the next day.  I simply can not eat cheese like the old days.  I live with two males who tend to eat cheese on everything.  All the Take-a-way is covered with cheese but its OK.

I will deal with it when I get home.  The weather has been lovely and for the first time ever I am going home with a tan.  When in Queensland I usually smother myself with factor 30 sun screen so I usually go home with a white zink covered skin with no tan- This time I have stuck with 30 on areas that I don't want to age or get damaged and 15 on everything else.  Its kind of weird growing up Factor 15 was like super strength and the factor you used that has now been replaced with factor 30 or even 50.  I know Tanning is not good for us but a little colour makes me feel like I have had a holiday and Vitamin D is a good thing, Right?

I am actually missing the gym and feel really sluggish as the days roll on.  I feel like a bloated puffer fish today and noticed my clothes are a little too tight.   I miss healthy foods.  Honestly there is no where around here that makes decent sushi or coffee.  Everything is super sized and covered with some sort of cream or deep fried.

I cant even drink the water up here as it gives me huge belly aches so we have had to buy boxed water.

So when we land back home to cold Melbourne tomorrow.  I am guessing I will be a good 5kgs heavier which most of it will be fluid retention from all this salty fatty food.

I am hanging for one of my stir fries, some sushi and a decent cafe latte.  But they will all have to wait until I have done a decent work out.   We are staying in a self contained Unit but with really crappy crappy cooking equipment.  Nothing is "Non-stick" the oven cant cook anything and while the BBQ is Ace you have to cook everything in oil so it doesn't stick.   I miss some of my home comforts.

One thing I am is pain free.  No knee pain, hip pain but I notice when I have been on the computer for more than 30-45 mins I get the neck pain.   It did take about a week for the hip pain to settle down so I will have to investigate what is causing all of this back pain when I exercise.  I thought having a break would make it easier to work out where the pain is coming from or what is causing it but I can clearly see that one problem is my laptop sitting on the table.  Its not ergo for my back and I am starting to wonder if my calf/knee problem might be caused from my new running shoes.  As I haven't worn them for over 10 days.

Who knows but I can tell you I miss gym and I miss some healthy eating.

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