Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting back into the swing of this weight loss thing!

I have had a few hic-ups, getting my groove back for eating and exercising since coming back from Queensland. I will be totally honest and say that I haven't even filled out my daily food diary once in the 8 days (well today's I have). 

There have been a lot of factors from having my monthly girlie's, to just being busy, public holiday and a child home from school  So I will be kind and just say "Oh well these things happen". 

I didn't suddenly put on another 5kilos from not hitting the gym every day.  I have indulge just about ever day with something naughty like a mini or even a full size choc Magnum ice cream.  You know the yummy ones with almonds on the outside haha!.

I have struggled with pain again this week so much so that its has really made me feel really really down.  The pain is coming from my lower back and right hip.  My thigh muscles seize up like I am posing for a body building comp or something.  Sadly know one can tell me why it is happening.

As to that since coming home I have been having dizzy spells and heart palpitations.  Scary stuff!  So I did a bit of Dr googling and found that a lack of magnesium can be the cause of my problems and lack of magnesium can also effect your sleep.  Gosh I thought I could tick all the boxes of problems. 

So I headed off to my local health food store for some quality magnesium.  Before I knew it I was pouring out all my medical complaints to the poor man behind the counter lol.  He told me "Maybe I should have stayed in Queensland".  Yes, well I would have gladly.

So I have dosed up on some high quality magnesium woke this morning with a stunning migraine headache. I think its probably hay fever or sinus.   So then I loaded up on Nurophen and that didnt get rid of my headache so I went the Nurophen with Codeine.    So I had a lovely nearly pain free work out today and I feel invigorated and pumped to go again.

Something about a lovely sunny day a good workout and eating well helps me set my goals again and get my head in the right place.

It is roughly 7 weeks until Christmas and while I didn't really want to use Christmas as a goal.  I am going to have to.

I am going to set a pretty tough goal for me because I am currently 77.6kilos and I want to be under 70 by Christmas day.  Roughly 8kilos in less than 8 weeks.     I can do it - Ive done it before.

I know what your thinking but there is all of these Holiday parties leading up to the Festive period. Phewft I can do it.  Just need to limit my time with certain friends who indulge.

I love that I went away for 2 weeks - Enjoyed myself, made good food choices when I could and eat off the programme and only put on a little bit over a kilo.

I do also wonder that maybe with the amount of training (1000 cal burn) at the gym that maybe I wasn't eating enough!    A part of me is thinking of joining Weight Watchers simple because their programme is real food options.  Then again I have limited funds so maybe I might borrow some of the points books off a friend.

My yummy lunch today.  At around 250 cals.  Red salmon and Salad with pumpkin and avocado.  There was meant to be asparagus as well but I thought I would try steaming them in the microwave and lets just say after 2mins they were some, what over cooked. 

So today I weighed 76.6kgs  with 7 weeks (from this Sunday to Xmas) that is my new goal.  Who wants to join me.

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  1. I hope you reach your goal! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Yummy that lunch looked nice! I just spent a few days eating indian food and lots of rich foods at my brothers wedding(s) so I have to rediscover the joy of vegetables and salads all over again! I loved weight watchers but I had to give up due to time constraints...its about $59 a month...if you pay monthly. Also why dont you buy the WW magazine ..., I love it, for recipes and menu planning and also inspiration! All the best!