Monday, November 15, 2010

The last 10 days.

Boy time sure does fly quickly when its nearly the end of the year.

What has been happening in my life.

  • My weight has been bouncing between 77.5 & 78.2kgs
  • Struggling to enjoying exercise without my back or neck playing up.
  • Booked in for an operation next Thursday to have my tumour removed & bit of a service & tune up while they are there.
  • Been stuck home due to sick child and other family commitments and for the first time felt quiet peeved that it had interrupted with my "Me" time.  Usually I can juggle something.
  • Bought a new bed to help my back and hated it the first night I slept on it.  Now I'm liking it not sure if I would say "I'm in love with it", just yet!
  • Found out that after my operation that I can not do any strenuous exercise for at least 4 weeks.
  • Been a bit sloppy filling out my food diary.
  • Been off the wagon and got back on several times this week. 
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling happy
  • Feeling sore
So that basically that's been my last 10 days.

I am frustrated like you would not believe because of the pain in my back and neck has returned 100 fold. I am over it, and after my operation if they have not found anything, that might be the cause of the pain while I am having my service and turn up,  then I will be going to have every kind of scan and follow through with that  once I have recovered.  That is going to be my next priority is to get rid of this pain.

My weight is going up rather than down.  Funny, I go away on holidays and don't weigh myself for 2 weeks.  Ate, drank and did no gym and I only gained 1 kg.  Now I am up 2 kilos and I am trying to eat well. 

So today I decided to get an idea of how many calories I burn in a day.  So I have kept my heart monitor on since 8 am - It is now 8pm.  So according to Michelle Bridges for my height and age.  I would burn around 1580 calories per day - So basically that is what my body needs per day to survive any more calories over that would turn into fat..   I have always followed a 1300 calorie diet and trying to burn around 500+ calories at the gym.

OK So at 8pm my heart monitor is telling me that I have burnt 2898 calories in a 12 hour period + 900 calories at the gym.  So in 12 hours I have burnt 3791 in 12 hours.  So I am confused how I am not loosing more weight if I am only eating 1300 calories but burning probably double the "normal" daily amount.

So I am off to seek some answers from Dr Google.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be lighter.

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