Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still here

I haven't forgotten about my diet or my blog.  I am still here.

I haven't been able to focus at all.  My operation is tomorrow and my back is killing me.  I can no longer walk on my right foot correctly for some reason it feels like I have broken a bone in it.  It comes and goes so it must be something to do with my on going back problem.

I am booked in to see the specialist about my back on the 23rd December talk about leaving it to the last possible appointment before Christmas.

So not much else has been happening.  Well actually I do have some news.  My husband has joined me on a get fit programme as well.  He wants to loose 5kgs and nearly every night this week he has either gone for a walk or a bike ride.  I feel humble that I have motivated him to finally get moving.  He isn't over weight.  He just has a beer belly hehe.  Funny if he read my post.

What else.  Craig Harper has just released a new book which I promptly purchased today. .  I am looking forward to reading that while I am recovering from my operation.

I have really been stuck in a rut lately with this back problem and the operation so I am really looking forward to being able to move on and get back to loosing weight.  I am still around 77kgs but I have been at this weight for such a long time now.  My aim now is to refocus when I am strong enough and get my back problems sorted next.

So wish me luck and I will see you hopefully in a few days and I am quieting hoping the find a 15kgs tumor tomorrow that would solve losing that last 20kgs.

Yay for the first day of Christmas.

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