Thursday, August 19, 2010

One week left

Sadly today my Trainer advised me that next Thursday will be my last weigh in and he will be taking my measurements.  My weight hasn't moved for a while but then I again if I was being really really truthful I probably have been cutting corners.

After not loosing any weight for a while I went on a bender.  Consuming lots of naughty things including Curry, creamy pasta, Subway, CC, Oh nearly forgot Apple/Rhubarb pie with cream, figured I may as well go the cream if I am going to have a whole slice of pie. It was delish.  Everything that I ate last week are all things that I know are my favourite meals in my life. I know also that I dont want to give them up anytime soon.  Although I figure it would be better not to consume all of them in just one week.

Loads of emotional beating up going on in my brain at the moment.

Some of the ladies that I have hardly seen since the start of the challenge look like they have lost loads of weight and here is little ole me still plodding along.  Which is kind of weird because I have hardly seen them at the gym and suddenly this week they have been there every morning.

I have also had to wait for equipement at the gym so it must be getting close to Summer and everyones is joining the gym to lose weight before the end of the year. 

Of course I am happy to be lighter but the facts are I am still fat and short.  The short things, well there is nothing I can do about that ! But the fat thing I should be around 79kilos and not still at 81kgs.

So I have one week to get my head in the right place.  I know that my journey is not over and I don't plan on giving it away.  Although part of me I think has already.  Its that naughty part that figures I have done so well and lets go off and party hard now.

I need to slow down a little and work out my next step to kick this weight loss up a gear. I am seriously still thinking of going to see a dietician and will make the call tomorrow.

I doubt that Weight watchers is the place to go as their diet is high in sugar and carbs especially low point options.   Of course mother nature is knocking on the door wanting to have over my week of "girlies" as one of the ladies in my challenge group calls it.

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