Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenge final weigh in and stats

Today was my last weigh in and measurements.

Now while I am happy to be 10 kilos lighter now that I am here I kind of wish that I had lost more. In my brain I keep thinking I had 13 weeks why didnt I lose more weight? Rather than being happy with the hard work that I have achieved.  Why do I think like that?

Anyway I am 10 cm lighter on my waist, bust and hips which is awesome and I can so notice the difference in my shape and fitness. 

There is no stopping now. No slacking off the exercise and eating well.  I doubt I could fall back into old eating habits now anyway.  Sure it could easily happen over a few weeks if I dont keep myself in check and keep up my daily food diary.  There are lots of foods now that I can't even stand the taste of now.  In such a short time my taste buds have changed.  I have also found that if I eat something like pasta, cheese or even white bread I have massive stomach cramps afterwards.  It's a good enough incentive for me not to eat those foods anymore.

So right at this moment I am very very exhausted.  I had been doing back to back work out and classes for the past 6 days hoping that I could finally break into the 79kg zone or less for todays weigh in.  Sadly the scales at the gym showed up at 80kgs.  My home scales 79.4kg today.

Doing the extra exercise and keeping to 1300 calories did not work....... Apparently I put my body into starvation mode and it went to sleep. 

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