Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am so close but still haven't broken through that 79kgs supporters flag.  I am so close I can already see it.  Without a doubt I know that I am most likely already 79kgs but will have to wait until Mother nature has left the building.

Our challenge comes to an end next week and have been trying to work out what will be my next step to keep me on track and reaching my goal.  I nearly fell over laughing today when my (sometimes) Personal mentor said he will keep kicking my butt and keep me motivated. 

Honestly I am the maker of my new healthier life. Everything I do each day is my responsibility and while it is nice to have a cheer squad there is a difference between saying you are going to help (false promises) and actually given support and help.

So for the past two days I have really amped up my training.  Yesterday I did cardio and weights and trained for nearly 2hours and burnt nearly 1400 calories.  Trust me that was hard work. 

My daily goal is 1,000 but yesterday I was busy and really wanted a large skinny latte and some sushi.  So that was my little goal to achieve and while I am no longer a supporter of food rewards that was mine yesterday.  A small pay off for having to get the shopping done after Gym and going to visit my new back Guru.  I haven't spoken to much about him but Oh my word he has amazing hands and most of my pain has been from "stiff as a plank" back/neck muscles.  He is working a treat with a handsome bill at the end of each session.

So today was pretty much the same at the gym burnt off 1,000 calories the plan WAS to go back to gym tonight and do a pump class.  However I got a call from the school to pick up my son as he was sick and its kind of thrown my whole day out.  Yes I should make myself go - I know I should go.  I will feel better if I go and I will burn more calories off.   Ha ha.

My finally weigh in is now one week from today.  for some reason my original appointment for this Thursday had disappeared and my name removed.  I am happy because it was this Thursday and now the following Tuesday - 1 week to drop 2 kilos in a week.  Sure I can do it.  I know I can do it.

As of yesterday I was one step away from joining the 3rd session of the Michelle Bridges (Biggest Loser trainer) online 12 week challenge.  It sounds fantastic with loads of online support including food menu each week.

Then my husband called to tell me he needed a holiday and has booked 2 weeks at my favourite warm holiday location in 8 weeks - So I have something new to work for and need to save my coins until then.

What I have noticed this week is I have less middle rolls.  Unless you have/had tummy rolls aka love handles you will have no idea what I am talking about.  I can now see more of me - I still have a tummy and as far as waist size goes I am still in the high risk zone but I have come down from 110cm to 93cm today.

I can feel muscles and have a little giggle to myself when I can feel them and see them.  I can feel bones that I had forgotten I owned.  Like last night I was laying down and realised I have ribs again.   I have gone from a triple chin down to a double.  Although I am thinking the only way I am going to be able to fix that is through plastic surgery.  Which is something I am thinking about once I am at goal weight.

Fingers crossed for 79kgs on my scales tomorrow.

Start weight 94kgs
Start of challenge 89.6kgs
Today's weight 80.2kgs 

mini goal by 18 Oct (74kgs)

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  1. fantastic results flicka! Well done, you must be feeling fabulous, just think of the new size clothes you can buy! ...well if you are short of cash, look for stuff on ebay or op shops, you can find some nice outfits for cheap!