Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25th August & I still hate my bathroom scales.

Well I guess that's what you get when you weigh yourself everyday.  I know that I am like 90% of women that weigh themselves everyday and basically the numbers on the scales determines what sort of day I am going to have.   Well today I was ready to throw them across the bathroom actually i did and scared my poor husband. and he ticked me off for being so naughty.

I had kicked arse at the gym yet again yesterday went to bed feeling hungry and I had only eaten 100 Cal's more than the previous day but still burnt off way over 1,000 exercise calories.  So I should have lost weight - Right?  Well nooooo I put on 800 grams. What the?

In the old days ha ha listen to me "Old Days"! I would have scoffed my face for the whole day and swore that the next day would be a new one.  How things have changed.  I know that I am eating well maybe I am not actually eating enough and I will seriously be thinking of seeing a dietitian next week if I haven't dropped 3 kilos this week after Mother nature has gone on holidays for another 3 weeks.  Actually that brings me to another subject that I will post about.  But we will have to ask all Males to leave the room before I post.

Anyhooo, I went off to gym - Felt mothers guilt as I left my son crying at school (Happens most days) as he doesn't want me to leave.  Rushed off and made it to an early morning Pump Class.   I did the class and was surprised to read that I had only burnt off 300cals.  I barely broke out a sweat once.

I realised in pump class how far my fitness has come. I found the class very easy and lots of exercises that I either couldn't do cause my boobs and belly would be in the way I could easily manage today plus lots more. Still struggled with lunges. Oh how I hate those things.   It was a great weight work out but no good for the calorie burning.  I had always thought that Pump was an awesome calorie burner.  Mm mm so then I went down to the gym and did some cardio until I burnt off 1,000 calories.

It wasn't really the plan at first I was going to be happy with 600 but once I got there I was like lets get to 700 and so on until I was knackered and my brain had gone off to think about meal planning and organising the house.  That's when I knew it was time to give up. 

Came home showered and made myself a chicken and veg stir fry. 

Will see what the scales bring me tomorrow.  However - I did take some photo's and I wished that I had taken more of me at the start but I have always hated having my photo taken as I always kept saying in my head.  I don't want to be remembered fat and when I lose weight then I will have more photos.  Hahaha Always behind the camera instead of the front.  Things will change.  I have changed.

Even though the scales haven't moved for such a long time and I will have to work out what is going on. Cause I hate that I don't drink wine anymore, eat rice, spuds, cheese so many other carbs etc and the weight isn't just dropping off.  I have given so much of myself to get this weight off.

I don't get that feeling of hunger anymore and I certain don't suffer from low blood sugar hunger pains anymore.  But there are some days I could just stuff my face into a bag of CC and Hoover them all up.

Like today my son eat hot BBQ chicken most days - I pick one up from the supermarket on the way home from school as he pretty much eats the minute he gets home to a few minutes before bed.  Oh lordy the smell of that juicy hot chicken with lots of tasty & I mean tasty chicken skin.  Oh its just so hard not to rip off a leg on the way home from the super market and scoff it down while driving.   For the most of the time I have been in control some say obsessive.  I think just changing my life so that I can live a little harder and longer.

Wholly cow that was about one month into the challenge.

Today - Ok Im standing a little further way but you get the picture.

25th August 2010

Triple chin getting smaller.  This is the "deer in the headlight" photo.

This is omg I need a new haircut look. 25/8/10



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