Saturday, May 29, 2010

29th May - Saturday

Went to gym nice and early.  Love it when you don't have to wait for equipment.

Had my I.pod ready with some groovey music.  Still need to work out how I can make a file on my for gym music.  I had one on my actual I.pod.  I am finding it tricky going back and forth finding funky workout music. 

It was my day to train at intervals. 30 seconds flat out and then 60 seconds rest.
I didn't want to push to hard today due to the super challenge tomorrow.

So I did 20mins on the treadmill as a warm up, then my favourite machine which is like a cross trainer but more advanced not sure of the name of it. Then I tackled the bike. I put on my focus video on my which is Robbie Williams Bodies. Perfect song for getting motivated and doing the 30/60. I went 10 mins on the bike.

Went back on the treadmill - Lots of skinny chicks running flat out on both sides of me so I thought I wouldn't create an earthquake and walked fast at around 5.6kms for 20mins and just changed the incline every few mins up or down.

Felt really good but I know that I didn't really push myself.

Had lunch with a girlfriend. Had the most amazing grilled chicken salad then she tried to sabotage my efforts by buying a huge piece of Lemon meringue pie. It was huge and just to shut her up and took the smallest little scoop and it was sugar overload. Once upon a time I would have just eaten it for eating sake. Even if I wasn't enjoying it.

Small steps but good.

So today.

40grms All brand with almonds & 1/4 cup of skinny milk 180 cals
White tea with 2 tble spoons of skinny milk 20 cals.
200 Cals

John West - Tomato/basil Tuna snack pac 145 cals
White tea with skinny milk 20 cals.
165 cals

Chicken/Salad dressed in balsamic 350 cals
2 large skinny lattes 160 Cals
1 teaspoon of lemon pie. ?
510 cals

2 glasses Coke Zero
2 Woolworth Organic beef burgers 200cals (100 each)
Lettuce/Tomato/Tomato sauce and a few onions that had probably been in a little Olive oil. 40cals
1 slice of Kraft "free" cheeseslice. 30cals
1 slice of Dons pansize bacon (panfried with a light spray of olive oil) 70cals.

Coles Organic Popcorn 40grm 180cals

1395cals - I will probably have a couple more white teas before bed. Probably around 1420cals.

I am over my 1300 cals but I haven't officially started right!

Yes I had no bun with my burgers. I just wrapped it in the lettuce. I have always never really enjoyed burgers because of all the bread. I really enjoyed it without the bready bun. Plus after eating dinner I read my calorie counter book and one of the Tip Top hamburger buns has something like 250 cals per bun. Far out!

I also truthfully could have eaten one burger and had kind of wished that I had worked out my calories before cooking dinner.

I haven't worked out my calories less exercise because honestly I haven't stopped long enough to re-read Adro Sarnelli's "The new me" book (worth a read) it has how to work out calories in and out.

Hope to read it tonight and then post it tomorrow.

Well must go family calls.

Little steps each day will reap larger returns in the future on my weight loss journey.

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